CRA Alert Bulletin: Microsoft Windows XP Support Ends on April 8




April 8, 2014, the day when Microsoft will withdraw its security support from Windows XP, is fast approaching. Fears of major security threats have already gripped the world of business. Unfortunately, that fear has further increased with news that Microsoft will also stop server support for Windows Server 2003 as well as the Microsoft Exchange Server, which are nearing the end of their product life cycle and are slated to stop functioning no longer be supported by early 2015.

What Does this Mean for Customers?

Microsoft will no longer send automatic updates and security patches that helped individuals as well as companies to protect their PCs and networks respectively. Lack of security updates and technical assistance on these products could mean exposing PCs and enterprise networks to significant malware and other potentially crippling virus attacks.

Without regular patching and update support from Microsoft, there is significant risk to the applications that run on top of Microsoft technology which are now easy targets for those looking to exploit security.

The lack of security updates for networks means that productivity and workflow could be disrupted in a substantial way for both small and large-scale organizations and businesses, which rely on these products. More directly, there are hardware requirements necessary for the upgrade path that will or may not be met by infrastructure running these older operation systems and software packages.

How can CRA help Alleviate the Situation?

Computer Resources of America (CRA), which has helped many small and large scale enterprises better deal effectively with IT security and network systems, is geared up and ready to assist.

Given CRA’s vast breadth of knowledge in securing data and optimizing network performance, they are prepared to help companies overcome their fears of a possible breakdown with their robust software and cloud computing tools.

CRA is adept at levering technology and experience to ensure a smooth transition from legacy software to up-to-date solutions and providing an array of options, both conforming to traditional standards and utilizing virtualization and public and private cloud technologies to meet a client’s specific business requirements.

CRA’s virtualization and cloud-based solutions will also actively support issues as well as better manage internal networks of enterprises. This will also provide scalability and allow for increased productivity and reduced turnaround time while delivering projects. This holds true especially for businesses, which require 24×7 monitoring and constant data updates.

Fortunately, with cloud-based technologies in place, CRA and its team of expert engineers and technicians will adequately manage all of these processes.

From a financial point of view as well, cloud computing and virtualization-based solutions will formally lessen expenditure on any kind of investment to secure IT networks. In fact, with cloud based support, being more seamless, the protection of networks and securing databases will now happen faster.

At CRA, their technical expertise will also help you to secure mail servers and contact managers that require ongoing Windows server support.

Time is running out – Contact CRA today for a Windows XP consultation at or by calling (212) 376-4040.

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