CRA Announces Partnership with Stage 2 Networks

CRA, an award-winning managed IT solutions firm based in New York City, is expanded its portfolio of capabilities with a new partnership with Stage 2 Networks, the leading “Cloud Voice” provider. Through the partnership, CRA will offer SMB’s HPBX and trunking services on a dedicated network delivering state of the art technology and a superior PSTN experience.

Chico Ramnarayan, chief executive officer of CRA stated, “Many of our clients have communicated the need for these services, both financially and operationally. We are confident in Stage 2 Networks and their expert focus on communicating and delivering on our clients’ expectations.”

The partnership additionally allows CRA to provide a single source for all of its clients’ telecommunication and networking needs, especially those who want to consume Cloud-based voice services.

“With the ability to now offer best cost, turnkey Cloud-based voice solutions, we can better accommodate our SMB client needs of supporting a mobile workforce, providing significantly lower capital expenditure commitments, and reducing recurring charges”, stated Tom Richer, chief sales and marketing officer of CRA.

Matthew Kessler, vice president of solutions engineering at Stage 2 Networks added, “We are excited our products and services will be added to CRA’s service portfolio and we look forward to working closely with CRA to deliver excellent solutions for their customers in the future.”

Backed by over 20 years of experience in managed IT solutions, CRA specializes in providing transformative solutions to SMB’s that deliver great value.

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