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The Importance of NIST Compliance for MSPs and SMBs

Does your business meet the mark on NIST compliance? The NIST, or National Institute of Standards and Technology, is a federal agency focused on innovation and security in the science and technology fields. And as part of this overarching mission, they’ve set out cybersecurity guidelines that help businesses safeguard their data and adapt to the…

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NIST 800-171 Implementation Guide

NIST 800-171 Implementation Guide for MSPs and SMBs

In need of an easy-to-follow NIST 800-171 implementation guide for your business? We’ve got you covered! The NIST 800-171 publication lays out specific guidelines for protecting government data, also referred to as controlled unclassified information (CUI). And even if you don’t handle CUI, following NIST 800-171 guidance is still a smart idea for protecting the…

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Benefits of Cyber Risk Insurance for MSPs and SMBs

If your business uses data, it should also be using cyber risk insurance to protect that data from the fallouts of a breach. Cyber insurance is a must for modern businesses, particularly those in data-rich industries like law, healthcare, and finance, as is having a plan of attack for how you respond to breaches if…

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Your Ultimate Guide To Effective Law Firm Client Communication

Law firm client communication is an integral factor for success. From initial calls to a final deliverable, all interactions with clients are opportunities to create better client journeys and overall client experience as you move things forward. Understanding the importance of client communication, managing relations, and utilizing tech tools can lead your firm to gain…

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How Nonprofits Benefit From Smart Contracts Blockchain Technology

Believe it or not, smart contract blockchain tech is transforming the world. From healthcare to finance, these innovative technologies are making a long-lasting impact. This article will walk you through smart contracts, blockchain technology, and how smart contracts on a blockchain protects business transactions. What Are Smart Contracts? A smart contract is a program stored…

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Growing Law Firm Operations With eDiscovery Law

You might know it as eDiscovery law – electronic information exchange between parties in investigations and lawsuits. Today, almost all discovery is eDiscovery. And attorneys and law firms who haven’t handled a massive amount of information in their past increasingly need digital shreds of evidence at hand. The right tech and discovery process can make…

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Litigator Workflows

How Technology Can Boost Litigation Workflows

Whether big or small, law firms continually seek better ways to grow and retain clients, manage costs, and acquire relevant information in due time, one of them being automating litigator workflows. Today, law firms can leverage advanced technologies to overcome various challenges, especially in litigation. The volume of evidence, lawsuit information, and analytical data is…

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How Regulatory Compliance Technology (RegTech) Is Impacting The Legal Industry

Compliance is becoming more and more complex, leading several industries to utilize regulatory compliance technology or RegTech solutions, as they’re also called. It helps financial firms, for example, become more effective and efficient and minimize regulatory risk and overall complaint costs. But how RegTech impacts the legal industry, and why should financial service law firms…

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Ist es sicher, in einem Online-Casino zu spielen?

Falls eines Ihrer Hobbys das Glücksspiel ist, kennen Sie sicher alle örtlichen Casinos und Wettbüros. Doch so schön diese Orte auch sind, manchmal ist es einfach nicht möglich, ein paar Stunden in einem solchen Lokal zu verbringen. Da Sie wahrscheinlich gerne neue und aufregende Möglichkeiten entdecken, ist es nur natürlich, einem Online-Casino beizutreten und einige…

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Nonprofit Compliance

Ensuring All Nonprofit Compliance Standards Are Being Adhered To

In essence, nonprofit compliance is a set of laws set by the government ensuring that nonprofit organizations function viably and do not misuse the privileges and authorities granted to them by the state. This includes exemption from corporate taxes and access to public funding resources. Let’s discuss how nonprofits can ensure they are practicing compliance.…

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