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Legal E Discovery

What Is Legal E-Discovery?

Legal electronic discovery (legal eDiscovery for short) is when electronically stored information (ESI) is collected, reviewed, and tagged systematically to be used in court cases. This process is vital because legal firms go through a lot of documents daily. Managing documents is a time-consuming task as they need to be scanned and tagged, data has…

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Law Firm Data Security

Everything You Need to Know About Law Firm Data Security

For any law firm, data security should be of the utmost importance. According to a 2019 survey, 26 percent of law firms stated that they experienced data breaches of some form or another. This is why lawyers, who often have access to sensitive client information, must use the latest cybersecurity technologies to prevent data breaches…

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Patient Check In Systems

Advanced Patient Check-in Systems For Seamless Registration

Implemented due to the pandemic and social distancing policies, advanced patient check-in systems have transformed the healthcare industry forever. Now, ensuring contactless registration is integral in protecting the health and safety of healthcare staff and patients. Learn how you can improve your IT infrastructure to ensure contactless or minimum contact registrations. The Rise of Digital…

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Technological Advancements In Healthcare

As a direct result of the pandemic, technological advancements in healthcare such as AI tools, telemedicine, and virtual care services to monitor patients have reduced the pressure on healthcare professionals while improving access for the public. As the US slowly emerges from the pandemic, new healthcare technologies, including remote monitoring and telemedicine technology requirements will…

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Financial Collaboration

Financial Collaboration: The Balance Between In-Office and Remote Work

The pandemic has revolutionized the way businesses work externally and internally, and financial collaboration is part of that change. Financial service firms across the country have depended on Fintech service providers to integrate them into the technological era. With most businesses resorting to work-from-home setups, can financial advisors work remotely? A financial services firm functions…

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Financial Forecasting Models

Why the Financial Industry is Shifting to Financial Forecasting Models

With the unprecedented shifts in the global economy, financial advisors are transitioning to financial forecasting models. Financial forecasting is a process detailing the economic vision for the future of any company. In other words, it usually involves forecasting the expectations of future results. In contrast, financial modeling consists of taking these assumptions and calculating the…

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architect looking at sketch of building

Architecture Collaboration During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, many architectural firms have faced difficulties with in-office closures stemming from a massive decline in business throughout 2020. However, while these unprecedented times have proven quite difficult for the entire industry, architecture collaboration between firms has greatly increased, resulting in better internal and external communications as they respond to COVID-19. The…

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Community Spaces Architecture

Redesigning Community Spaces: Architecture Trends for the Future

When it comes to the rethinking and redesigning of community spaces, architecture firms are looking to the near past to imagine the future. The coronavirus pandemic put into stark contrast the many ways that current spaces might fail to meet our needs moving forward. And in 2021, architecture design trends are about adapting to the…

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Virtual Architect

NYC Architecture Firms Adapt to Virtual Architect Practices

With remote work conditions quickly becoming the new norm, many industries have had to adapt to new structures and facilitate the integration of novel practices, including the idea of transitioning into a virtual architect. IT and architectural firms have forged strong working relationships since long before the pandemic. However, in light of 2020’s social restrictions…

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Business Continuity

The Best Business Continuity Practices For Remote Work

While it may be impossible to predict emergencies, preparing a business continuity plan in the event of a loss can help reduce and mitigate the resulting damages. Not many companies were prepared to deal with the pandemic induced lockdown, and most of them lacked critical direction and structure during the remote work transition period. According…

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