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Virtual Event Nonprofit

Utilizing Virtual Event Nonprofit Platforms

Technology has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for virtual event nonprofit platforms and organizations, enabling them to market and communicate with supporters using innovative ways. As their mission grows increasingly diverse, more and more nonprofits use virtual event platforms and other nonprofit virtual event systems and softwares. These platforms allow them to…

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Digitization in Banking

How The Finance Industry Reaps The Advantages Of Digitization In Banking

The advantages of digitization in banking have contributed significant strides of development within the financial industry. With mobile apps, e-bill payments, and online deposits becoming the new standard, we’re now seeing hefty digital disruption. Digital banking is widespread these days, with fintech, new mobile banks, and incumbents offering efficient and accessible banking experiences. The advantages…

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Trends in Fintech

Top Trends In Fintech To Look Out For In 2022

The advancement of technology in the financial sector has led to expanding markets, versatile platforms, and a promise for further developments. There are several trends in fintech that are emerging and evolving this year. In this blog, we will be exploring the top ones. Top Fintech Trends 2022 Let’s explore some of the most prominent…

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Nonprofit Trends 2022

Top Nonprofit Trends for 2022

The non-profit trends in 2022 will remain heavily impacted by the ongoing pandemic, which have slowed businesses down and forced changes in how businesses, varying in size and industry, operate. Luckily, industry experts and consultants continue to glean insights regarding such issues and their potential effects so that nonprofits may strategize for the upcoming year. …

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Grant Making Changes in Nonprofit Industry

Grant Making Changes Due To The Pandemic And The Effect On Nonprofits

Non-profits have been trying to introduce progressive grant-making changes for a long time. However, foundations were forced to modify their rules because of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, a recent study of approximately 300 grantmakers has shown that several organizations have reversed some of the changes.  Let’s explore the differences, what the situation is like now, and…

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Nonprofit Fundraising

How Technology is Changing Nonprofit Fundraising

The changes in the tech industry have significantly affected nonprofit fundraising. From online donation platforms to social media campaigns, there are now more opportunities than ever before for charities and individuals to connect and raise money for important causes. Today, we will explore some of the most innovative technologies currently used by nonprofits and discuss…

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The Impact Of Technology On Business

The Impact Of Technology On Business Operations in the Past Year

No one can deny the impact of technology on business. Entrepreneurs utilize it to cater to their customers’ demands, create a safer and productive work environment, and increase revenue. The latest technology in business is helping those who may not have the technical skills to utilize technological tools to their advantage. In addition, since technology…

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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing As A Part Of Your 2022 Business Strategy

IT outsourcing is a process of using external service providers to execute all or some of a company’s IT functions or needs, such as strategy development, service-desk management, and infrastructure management. It’s also known as ‘fully-managed services.’ In addition, it offers additional support for internal IT members known as “Co-sourced IT support” and is primarily…

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IT Risk Management

How Information Technologies Have Influenced IT Risk Management

IT risk management is a way of assessing, controlling, and identifying threats to a company’s earnings and capital. Such risks stem from various sources such as legal liabilities, financial uncertainties, natural disasters, strategic management errors, technological issues, and accidents. Moreover, effective risk management enables legal firms to look into potential threats. It also analyzes the…

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Third Party Risk Management

Benefits Of Third-Party Risk Management Technologies For Legal Firms

Eliminating data breaches is vital for the legal industry; therefore, businesses in it need third-party risk management solutions. This is because law firms manage highly sensitive and critical data like trade secrets, deals, acquisitions and mergers, trademark applications, and non-public information. However, law firms mostly require third-party vendors to perform critical activities like cloud storage,…

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