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Nonprofit Fundraising

How Technology is Changing Nonprofit Fundraising

The changes in the tech industry have significantly affected nonprofit fundraising. From online donation platforms to social media campaigns, there are now more opportunities than ever before for charities and individuals to connect and raise money for important causes. Today, we will explore some of the most innovative technologies currently used by nonprofits and discuss…

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The Impact Of Technology On Business

The Impact Of Technology On Business Operations in the Past Year

No one can deny the impact of technology on business. Entrepreneurs utilize it to cater to their customers’ demands, create a safer and productive work environment, and increase revenue. The latest technology in business is helping those who may not have the technical skills to utilize technological tools to their advantage. In addition, since technology…

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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing As A Part Of Your 2022 Business Strategy

IT outsourcing is a process of using external service providers to execute all or some of a company’s IT functions or needs, such as strategy development, service-desk management, and infrastructure management. It’s also known as ‘fully-managed services.’ In addition, it offers additional support for internal IT members known as “Co-sourced IT support” and is primarily…

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IT Risk Management

How Information Technologies Have Influenced IT Risk Management

IT risk management is a way of assessing, controlling, and identifying threats to a company’s earnings and capital. Such risks stem from various sources such as legal liabilities, financial uncertainties, natural disasters, strategic management errors, technological issues, and accidents. Moreover, effective risk management enables legal firms to look into potential threats. It also analyzes the…

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Third Party Risk Management

Benefits Of Third-Party Risk Management Technologies For Legal Firms

Eliminating data breaches is vital for the legal industry; therefore, businesses in it need third-party risk management solutions. This is because law firms manage highly sensitive and critical data like trade secrets, deals, acquisitions and mergers, trademark applications, and non-public information. However, law firms mostly require third-party vendors to perform critical activities like cloud storage,…

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Legal Risk Management

How Technology Can Enable Better Legal Risk Management

As General Counsels, you’re asked to provide dependable and credible legal risk management solutions. This includes evaluations of legal opportunities and risks facing organizations. However, it can be quite hard to gather a reliable overview of an organization’s legal risks. This is because data is mainly hidden on different emails and hard drives. The legal…

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Cyber Hygiene

Cyber hygiene: The key to your business’s good cyber health

We all know that basic hygiene is a must to lead a healthy life. Did you know that the same rule applies to IT as well? There’s something known as cyber hygiene that plays a key role in keeping your business healthy from the IT perspective. So, how do you ensure your business doesn’t fail…

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Free Internet Access? Don’t fall for this one

One of the popular internet scams that has been doing the rounds since 2017 is the one about “Free Internet”. This scam seems to resurface and somehow manages to claim quite a few unsuspecting victims. Here’s how they catch you. Ads are created on Google, Facebook, popular search engines and social media platforms advertising free…

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Online shopping? Watch out for these red flags

Who doesn’t like online shopping? Online shopping has opened up a whole new world to us. Get whatever you want, whenever you want, without wandering from store to store. It doesn’t matter if it is too hot to venture outside or if there’s a blizzard out there, you do your shopping from the comfort of…

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DNS Cache Poisoning

DNS Cache Poisoning: What Every SMB Must Know

In one of the most common poisoning attacks, the attacker poisons the DNS Cache with the aim of leading visitors to a fake website. In a DNS cache poisoning case, the attacker gains control of the DNS server and then manipulates cache data such that anyone typing the URL of the actual website is redirected…

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