Best Practices in Ransomware Remediation

RansomWare is On the Rise: Are You Prepared?

Ransomware attacks are becoming more common. These cyberattacks lock down your business assets and hold your data ransom by encrypting it. The cybercriminals request that you pay for the decryption key in order to get it back. Unfortunately, decryption is usually impossible without that key. Even when the ransom is paid, many cybercriminals don’t deliver. These cyberattacks can cause permanent data loss, irrecoverable downtime and further security breaches.

This white paper describes current best practices for dealing with ransomware:

  • Why you should never pay the ransom.
  • How best to isolate a ransomware infection.
  • How to analyze overall infection patterns to identify the best point of recovery.
  • Strategies to protect your systems and your business from future attacks.

It also includes best practices for overall security, providing an excellent basis for staff trainings. As security experts often point out, your employees are the true first line of defense against cyberattacks. Most of these infections begin with a single click on a miscellaneous email attachment.

Remediation of the HELP_DECRYPT Virus

In addition to ransomware remediation, the white paper highlights how CRA puts these best practices into action. We present an incident report and analysis of the HELP_DECRYPT virus infection and include a complete timeline, from initial awareness of the issue to final file restoration. In addition, the paper shows how CRA identified the source of the infection and how this influenced our recommendations to the client.

Advanced Security Solutions by CRA

Are you prepared for a cyberattack? Businesses and organizations across all industries are vulnerable to security attacks. One of the best ways to combat security breaches and prevent future attacks is to outsource your cyber security to a team of security experts like CRA. We protect your business data and also help you avoid unnecessary downtime. Contact us for a free evaluation today.

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