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CRA In Action: IT Case Studies

At Computer Resources of America, we pride ourselves in the work we do. That’s why we publish and share results-centric case studies highlighting our services in action. When you want to know which business to choose, you need to know about results. We invite you to read through our case studies to see how other businesses have benefitted from CRA’s IT services.

IT Case Study At A Glance

Turning a Business Continuity Plan into Business as Usual Operations

As companies rush to implement work-from-home policies, we assisted a New York-based client in establishing remote business operations seamlessly. By implementing their business continuity plan and widening their technology footprint, we were able to provide employees access to high-end resources like Bluebeam and Revvit. CRA's efficient response to drastic changes in the work environment is a testament to our foresight and passion for preparing businesses for the new normal. Our highly skilled staff provided efficient IT support and worked with employees to resolve WiFi issues, ensure data integrity, and provide powerful PCs to carry out extensive digital work.

This case study illustrates that our response time and expertise are reason enough for businesses to opt for CRA’s technology services and solutions. Not only were we able to meet our client's IT needs with reliable internet connections and communication software, such as Microsoft Teams, but we also employed cybersecurity measures and backup procedures to ensure safety.

Take a look at our White Papers for more technical information or our disaster recovery services if your organization needs help implementing an effective business continuity plan.
IT Case Study At A Glance



How Can Information Technology Resources Improve Business Processes?

CRA Can Help. Many companies try to improve operational and financial efficiencies through IT without realizing the risk to which they are opening themselves up. It’s time to think about teaming up with CRA to improve your uptime, reduce costs and take advantage of the latest in information technology. CRA helps companies coordinate projects with realistic expectations while maintaining reasonable schedules and budgets. By leveraging the latest digital technology in business, we can appropriately reduce the IT risks associated with delivering a successful IT project.

We’ve been in business for 30 years providing organizations with the highest quality IT support in the industry. Our skilled technicians can do everything from successfully implementing healthcare or law practice management software to transferring your entire digital database into the cloud—and much, much more.

Find out what CRA can do for you. Get in touch today for a free evaluation to see which type of service or technology you can benefit from, and let’s work together to get your most ambitious IT plans up and running.

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