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Cybersecurity threats can originate from various directions, including hacktivists, corporate spies, etc. No matter the type of threat, it can leave both employees and the company at risk. Luckily, you can avert such threats by adhering to a proactive cybersecurity practice or taking the help of cybersecurity services in New York, NY.

We provide solutions that not only anticipate threats but also mitigate them even before they could cause irreparable damage to IT systems and business reputations. We aim to keep businesses safe, secure, operational, and compliant, irrespective of threat intensity – and we do this by following a set mechanism. We help companies manage various security risks involving assets, systems, and data. In addition, our cybersecurity experts help businesses express the overall management of cyber security risks by organizing data, addressing threats, enabling risk management decisions, and more.

We even help develop and apply the necessary activities to detect cybersecurity occurrences and provide essential means to respond to them so that companies can quickly recover. Read on to know more about one of the best and most reliable cybersecurity services in New York.

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    IT Security in Action from CRA

    Prevent and detect threats on networks, users, and endpoints by setting prompts for each identified risk. An automated investigation flow kicks in, revealing the attack’s origin and cause, and automatically fixes the issue.

    The Manage, Detection, and Response team (MDR) works around the clock monitoring and optimizing this process for instant resolutions.

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    • Automate any compliance and/or risk assessment against any framework or standard
    • Harmonize compliance requirements allowing teams to remediate once and gain credit for many, and automations to map once and fulfill many controls
    • Manage risks dynamically as they are updated in real-time, and foster a risk-aware culture
    • Leverage data coming from the security tech stack to automate compliance and update risks via integrations with vulnerability management platforms, threat intelligence platforms, SOAR, IAM,
      CWPP, Cloud Infrastructure and more
    • Measure return on Security Investment (ROSI) and standardize on risk quantification methodologies such as FAIR, NIST 800-30
    • Generate automated reporting such as Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM), System Security Plan (SSP), Risk Assessment (RA), and NIST Scorecards among others
    • Illustrate compliance and risk posture, gaps, and initiatives for improvement with fully customizable Governance Dashboards
    • Optimize resources across people, process, and technology with solution-cost modeling

    The Power of Manage360:
    Continuous, Logical, and Always Learning

    Cyberthreats are rising and endlessly targeting companies with endpoint, user, and network-based attacks. Complete protection from such threats involves the operation and deployment of numerous security products by skilled teams, which is excessively complex to function. What to do now? Choose the world’s first-ever “Autonomous Breach Protection” – that integrates network, user, and endpoint detection and prevention of XDR along with auto-remediation and investigation.

    Here are a few key benefits:

    • A single solution to safeguard from various threats, including network and user as well as endpoint attacks
    • Zero-touch security from advanced and common threats
    • Provides complete defense on cloud and premises workloads
    • Offers additional protection by bringing in seasoned security experts
    • Drastically reduce time put in management and deployment

    Autonomous Breach Platform Capabilities

    The autonomous breach platform is purpose-made to provide total protection based on three key pillars: detection and prevention of all advanced and common threats, complete automation of response-flow from detection to eradication of malicious activities, and continuous tracking of the process by skilled professionals to guarantee and raise the quality and precision of the procedure.

    Endpoint protection
    Provides multi-layered protection against various threats such as ransomware, fillers, malware, and exploits
    Network Protection
    Defense against MITM, data exfiltration, scanning attacks, and lateral movements
    User Protection
    Pre-set behavior rules along with dynamic profiling to identity irregularities
    Install machines, network connections, files, and accounts as bait to attract and detect attackers
    Automated major cause and effect analysis
    Remove a malicious activity, infrastructure, and presence across network, endpoint, and user attacks
    Automate all-inclusive responses throughout the environment
    Incident View
    Provides intuitive layout of attacks and automated response
    Alert Monitoring
    Notify users of vital episodes
    Attacks Investigation
    Provides a comprehensive report on attacks targeting customers
    Proactive Threat Hunting
    Seek malicious artifacts along with IoC in the user’s environment
    Incident Guidance
    Elimination of hostile presence, activity, and infrastructure and virtual aid in isolation

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    Network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. Its purpose is to establish a barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources (such as the internet) in order to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.


    Power Filtering

    Email Filtering gives you access to the world’s most powerful machine-learning technology and the best threat intelligence based on billions of messages filtered daily from the biggest companies worldwide.


    Cybersecurity Training

    Training is essential to preparing the workforce of tomorrow, and for keeping current workers up-to-date on skills and evolving threats.


    Next-Gen AV

    Block execution of malware, exploits, fileless, macros and ransomware


    Endpoint Detection
    and Response

    Detect advanced attacks by continuous monitoring of endpoint file and process activities


    User Behavior

    Profile the behavior of all user accounts to pinpoint anomalies that indicate an attempted compromise


    Network Traffic Analysis

    Monitor network traffic to unveil reconnaissance, credential theft, lateral movement and data exfiltration attempts



    Plant various types of decoy files across your environment to lure attackers into revealing their presence