How Much Should your Nonprofit Organization Spend on IT?

Enhance Your Budget

Advance Your Mission

Recent surveys indicate that more and more nonprofit organizations are including information technology in their budgets.  From outsourcing computing services to training staff, nonprofits across all sectors are realizing the advantages of investing in technology.  Although it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on outsourcing, the benefits are numerous. In fact, outsourcing IT can help your organization save money in the long run.  Smart information technology investments also help keep your organization flexible, scalable, and visible.

In this white paper we summarize:

  • Competitive Advantages.  Maximize your organization’s visibility and amplify your message for the greatest social impact.
  • Collaborative Advantages.  Harness the power of cloud computing, social media and other technologies to deepen your collaborations with communities and fellow organizations.
  • Budgetary Advantages.  Implement grant management strategies that optimize your budget and target your fundraising efforts most efficiently.

We also present financial data from the CRA research team summarizing the annual information technology spending by medium-sized nonprofit organizations in NYC.  We report across several sectors including:

  • NY Historical Societies
  • Humanitarian Organizations
  • Arts
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Educational Services
  • Environmental Interests

This financial data offers a snapshot of current spending levels among nonprofits.  Although these numbers are on the rise, they’re an excellent starting point for new nonprofits in NYC and the surrounding areas.  In addition, they’re an excellent point of comparison for established nonprofits wondering how they stack up to their fellow organizations.

Customized IT Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations with CRA

For decades, CRA has been providing exceptional information technology solutions to all sorts of organizations.  Let us help you build the right technology roadmap for your nonprofit organization.  Whether you’re new or established, we’ll keep you on the cutting edge as your foundation grows. In addition to providing powerful collaborative tools, we’ll give you the resources to analyze and protect your data. Outsourcing with CRA will also streamline your budget since we tailor the technology solutions to your specific needs.  Please contact us for a free evaluation to learn how we can transform the way you share your mission and achieve your organization’s goals.