How to Make the Best of BYOD

Start Feeling The Power Of Mobility Through “Bring Your Own Device”

Cellphones, tablets and laptops allow you to enjoy being connected everywhere you go. This means that more people are getting work done on the go, maximizing productivity. In line at the grocery store or when sitting on the train, it’s easy to handle emails and administrative tasks with your smartphone and your thumbs. Personal devices are also making their way into the workplace as “Bring Your Own Device” policies help with savings. Computer Resources of America has written “How to Make the Best of BYOD” to help businesses navigate work on personal devices in and out of the office. In this white paper you will find major reasons to get involved in the BYOD trend and start enjoying its benefits.

Remember “Bring Your Own Device” can help your business:

  • Access files from anywhere on any device. At home, in transit, in the office or anywhere else, BYOB gives employees access to everything they need to work. Not surprisingly, recent studies have found that employees who can access their network easily on their own devices work well outside of normal working hours and are more productive than their colleagues who are limited by in office tech.
  • Stay secure no matter where business information is accessed. Are there risks? Sure. But CRA understands them and one of the purposes of this white paper is to raise awareness and present strategies and considerations for keeping things secure.
  • Be productive when a disaster strikes. Power outages, public transportation strikes and snowstorms are no longer a reason to stop working. BYOD allows for seamless transition from office work to out of the office work.

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