How Unified Communications Improves Business

Unified Communications Help Businesses’ Bottom Lines

An unhindered exchange of information and data is the key to a successful business. Having access to the right tools at the right time makes a big difference when you are about to close that deal. At Computer Resources of America we know the importance of exchanging information these days, so we created this white paper about UC (also called ip-based communications) that explores:

  • How UC works
  • The Business Value of IP-Based Communications
  • The tools that can be connected to meet your many sharing needs


What Is Unified Communications?

Gone are the days of solely relying on the telephone to communicate. With advancements in technology business can communicate across the room, or across the world, using video conferencing, instant messenger, shared storage and myriad other tech. UC are a selection of products that provide a seamless, clean experience for communicating a variety of ways using a variety of devices. Messages can be accessed in multiple ways to save time and increase productivity. Time changes are less worrisome as users can select when to receive calls or when to have voicemail answer. Voicemails can be transcribed and arrive as a text or email: ip-based communications are customizable by user and allow for the maximum productivity in exchanging data to date.


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Download “How Unified Communications Improves Business” and discover the potential your business can tap into by adding ip-based communications. Whether you investigate consolidating email/voicemail/SMS or want to go larger, the experts at CRA are here to help you explore the set of products that will suit your needs. Contact us when you are ready to learn more and discover curated solutions for your business’s messaging needs.

How Unified Communicatios Improves Business

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