Your search for IT consulting companies in NYC stops here. As one of the industry’s leading IT support companies in NYC, Computer Resources of America provides organizations both large and small with the tools, people, and resources that they need to take their IT solutions to the next level and bring true innovation to the way that they do business. We provide the IT support NYC businesses rely on to compete—whether you’re looking for a qualified software consultant, need general IT help, or are looking for a team to oversee a complete overhaul of the way that your company uses tech.


Managed IT Services

Let us help support and manage your existing IT infrastructure. With managed IT services, your business gets assistance with its most challenging issues and loftiest goals. Work with leading industry experts to keep your IT running strong and set yourself up for sustainable success.

Software Consultant

Cloud Solutions

Let us help you leverage the cloud. Cloud solutions from Computer Resources of America put all of the most important cloud capabilities right at your fingertips so that you can safely outsource your data storage and scale it to size. Get the full potential out of the cloud, with agile, flexible, and transparent cloud solutions completely customized to your business’s needs.

IT Help


Let us help you with your strategic projects and IT initiatives. Our personalized consulting services are designed to help you tackle your most ambitious IT projects, from design and architecture to project management and implementation. Save money, time, and resources while achieving the best results possible.

Managed IT Services NYC


Let us help you find the best staff. Not all business IT support staffers are created equally, but we’ve got a knack for identifying your ideal fit. Our IT staffing methodology is optimized for finding the right people with the right skills for the job, including help desk support, security analysts, data architects, and more.

Why Choose CRA?

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our managed services will help you streamline your processes within a fixed budget. We strive to empower businesses with the services we provide so that you can focus all of your energy, resources, and time on running your business.

Our experience speaks for itself. Being in the business for 30 years and catering to all types of organizations, we understand the complex IT needs of today. Here are some of the sectors we have catered to:


Healthcare is a sector that constantly depends on the need for technological innovation. There are many ways that technology is helping health workers and patients alike, and our solutions have been a part of this welcome revolution.


Law firms have evolved over the past few decades and have become heavily dependent on technology, as it helps them in the organization and protection of data. Legal teams primarily work with large amounts of data and documents at any given time, and our solutions can aid them in their legal processes.


The finance industry greatly benefits from managed IT services. It helps them not only reduce operational costs but also helps them in the management of finances. Also, finance-based companies need software to help them in forecasting, which our solutions can do.

Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Don’t see your industry listed? Not a problem. CRA has developed technology solutions for SMBs across a variety of industries. Give us a call!

Simplifying IT for 30 Years

Get peace of mind!