New Approaches to Privacy and Security Are Coming

2019 expectations for changes in cybersecurity practices and privacy policies

Data breaches can have devastating effects. Consumers lose trust in businesses that experience breaches of their personally identifying information (PII), often leading to a significant loss in business. But they are also incredibly costly. The European Union took steps to take back consumer control and security of personal data through its General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation was adopted in mid-April 2016 with compliance required no later than May 25, 2018. California has since followed with a similar state law. In this white paper we summarize:

  • The prevalence of security failures - We take a look at how often breaches occur within various sectors.
  • The cost of data breaches - An inside analysis of how a security breach affects costs and spending.
  • Changes expected in 2019 - CRA looks at what the new approaches of privacy and security are this year.

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