Outsourcing of IT Operations Takes Off in the Nonprofit Sector

Providing non profits sector with IT expertise.

Outsourcing is on the rise and can be instrumental in the growth of your nonprofit organization. Having an information technology (IT) department may be out of the question for your organization because of the cost. Due to cost, outsourcing IT is an increasingly popular solution in the nonprofit sector. Instead of having to hire under-qualified and more affordable staff, nonprofits can outsource specialists and have access to services that would be unaffordable otherwise.

In this white paper we summarize:

  • Define outsourcing - understanding what the outsourcing of services means
  • The role outsourcing plays - an outline of how the services apply to your nonprofit
  • Reasons why you outsource and the benefits - review how outsourcing can help in your operations
  • Tips for success - helpful tips to aid in a better outsourcing arrangement

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Outsourcing of IT Operations Takes Off in Nonprofit Sector