Technological Trends in FinTech for 2020

Analyzing the technological disruptions that are advancing the finance industry.

As we near the new year, we see technology further enhance and develop to serve various industries better. FinTech continues to change and advance to stay on the cutting edge, and firms and businesses must adopt to these changes. ­It’s not only about what is new, but what is also safe. Cybersecurity remains a top priority, and utilizing tools such as AI and cloud computing can mean improved functioning and flow of operations for your business. Is your business ready to adopt these changes?

In this white paper, we analyze:

  • The Growth of FinTech – Reviewing the forces that are impacting the industry and how it shapes the future of the industry.
  • Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns - Keeping up to date with the issues and solutions that are facing the financial sector.
  • Trends for 2020 – Ensure your business or firm stays on the cutting edge by preparing for the emerging trends in the year to come.

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As the financial sector faces technological disruptions, staying in the know, and preparing for changes can keep businesses and firms running efficiently. This white paper will help inform you of these growing trends. Get your copy of "The State of Financial Technology in 2020" today for more information. 



The State of Financial Technology in 2020