The Dynamic Relation between the Legal and Architecture Industries

Analyzing how architecture firms must comply with legal regulations to complete projects

Architects not only plan, design and oversee projects, but they also have to manage the business side of their trade. Each contract and commitment involves risk management and legal issues that must be resolves quickly and definitively o ensure continued profitability. Navigating contracts for building projects can prove to be a challenge, however, a land use attorney works alongside architects to ensure that each project is up to the standards according to the zoning laws, construction permits, building ordinances, and other land use ordinances.

In this white paper, we analyze:

  • Compliance with zoning and building codes
  • Negotiating change orders and requests for project extensions
  • Reporting site injuries
  • Negotiating labor and employment issues
  • Facing architectural malpractice allegations

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As the relationship between legal and architecture firms continue to grow and advance, staying up to date with the regulations and proper planning is necessary. This white paper will go into some of the most important things to consider when planning and executing a project. Get your copy for free today.

Relation between the Legal and Architecture Industries