The Year of the Cloud - Looking Back at 2017

A roundup of 2017 trends in cloud computing in business.

The Cloud is ubiquitous with today’s technological landscape. Gone are the days when people don’t understand or get nervous about the idea of storing things in "the cloud" The cloud has been key in helping businesses remain more secure. Understanding what the cloud is, does and how it has advanced in 2017 can help you take your business to the next level.

This white paper provides:

  • A quick history of the cloud,
  • The cloud by the numbers,
  • Cloud trends for 2017.


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One of the main reason companies of all sizes use the cloud instead of their own servers is cost. Cloud services are scalable, so savvy CIOs can control cost by only paying for what they use and need.

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Year of the Cloud - Looking Back at 2017