VDI vs. DaaS: Exploring the Benefits of Hosted Desktops

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Hosted desktops offer a variety of benefits. This white paper from Computer Resources of America, “VDI vs. DaaS: Exploring the Benefits of Hosted Desktops” provides realistic examples to help you learn about and choose the best option for your business.

What Are Hosted Desktops?

Hosted desktops allow users to work within their typical desktop and software from any device. Everything is hosted in the cloud, and a virtual desktop is accessed through online access. A user simply connects with the server, enters their username and password and then sees their usual desktop, menus and files along with all other pertinent digital components of their job.

Why Do Businesses Use Hosted Desktops?

Here are some of the reasons why business use hosted desktops:

    • Mobility       Access the work desktop from any device anywhere there is internet access.
    • Customizability      These virtual desktop interfaces are easy to personalize based on the user’s needs. They are also able to run whatever software is needed in the event of business specific applications.
    • Scalability      Grow and shrink in seconds. It is simple to add and remove users to the system without software and hardware installation.
    • Economy      Reduce the administrative overhead of managing multiple workstations. Reduce the need for professionals required simply for network maintenance and troubleshooting.
    • Security      Protect information like communications and files by applying the same strict authentication, encryption and firewalls as in the office.

Download The White Paper

Businesses of all sizes benefit from moving to hosted desktops. “VDI vs. DaaS: Exploring the Benefits of Hosted Desktops” explores the concept and delivers digestible examples of how you can take advantage of this mobile, scalable, economic and secure solution. Then, contact CRA to learn more about how we can bring this technology to your workplace.


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Benefits of hosted desktops

Benefits of hosted desktops

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