25 Years of Delivering Transformational IT Value

CRA (Computer Resources of America) is an award-winning provider of IT solutions in NYC. CRA provides services to midsize organizations, government agencies, non-profits and financial services companies. Information technology services include managed information technology, cloud storage solutions, IT consulting and staffing. In addition, the site is a valuable informational technology resource due to a blog and access to IT white papers and IT case studies.

CRA has delivered exceptional workplace technology solutions for 25 years. These solutions optimize productivity, strengthen customer relationships, enhance data sharing and drive profitability. CRA helps free up clients' internal teams and build a technical vision that is scalable.

In addition, CRA is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. Its founder and CEO is Chico Ramnarayan.

IT Resources

The CRA website provides exceptional resources to clients while visitors gain insight, too. Hence, it’s easy to familiarize oneself with the mission of the company.

CRA Blog

First, the blog offers insightful content about the company's work. Most noteworthy are posts on information technology solutions improving business's bottom line. In addition, the blog contains information tech news and developments.

White Papers

Additionally, the provided white papers are expert reports on topics specific to our industry. Available papers:

Case Studies

Finally, case studies show the work of CRA. Read about actual partnerships between CRA and clients. Furthermore, discover the benefit of a clear, scalable vision.

CRA partners with clients to maximize their current resources as a result of:

  • updating hardware and software to secure cloud-based versions
  • outsourcing some or all IT solutions
  • providing managed IT

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