Architecture Collaboration During the Pandemic

architect looking at sketch of building

Since the pandemic began, many architectural firms have faced difficulties with in-office closures stemming from a massive decline in business throughout 2020. However, while these unprecedented times have proven quite difficult for the entire industry, architecture collaboration between firms has greatly increased, resulting in better internal and external communications as they respond to COVID-19. The…

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Redesigning Community Spaces: Architecture Trends for the Future

Community Spaces Architecture

When it comes to the rethinking and redesigning of community spaces, architecture firms are looking to the near past to imagine the future. The coronavirus pandemic put into stark contrast the many ways that current spaces might fail to meet our needs moving forward. And in 2021, architecture design trends are about adapting to the…

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NYC Architecture Firms Adapt to Virtual Architect Practices

Virtual Architect

With remote work conditions quickly becoming the new norm, many industries have had to adapt to new structures and facilitate the integration of novel practices, including the idea of transitioning into a virtual architect. IT and architectural firms have forged strong working relationships since long before the pandemic. However, in light of 2020’s social restrictions…

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Emerging Technologies in Construction, Design, And Architecture To Watch Out For In 2020

Emerging Technologies in Construction

As an industry that prides itself on its advancements in construction, building design, and architecture, it may be surprising that the world of technological design isn’t exactly open to innovation. In fact, emerging technologies in construction, design, and architecture have often resisted modernization and new approaches in favor of old, faithful methods. But here’s the…

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Tips and Tricks for Designing from Home

How To Thrive As A Designer Working Remotely

Working from home is no longer something people dream of. The amount of people working from home, especially designers, is increasing rapidly. This week we’re breaking down the stats and trends and then sharing tips and tricks for thriving in work from home graphic design jobs.  Working From Home: By The Numbers One in five…

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Adobe CC 2018: What’s New?


Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 is out and has seen some significant changes over previous versions. Here’s the rundown on what you can expect from the new suite. What’s New In Adobe CC 2018? Broken down by components of Adobe Creative Cloud, here are the updates to the suite that will improve your workflow. Photoshop There…

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Version Control: Collaborating on Live Projects


As work culture becomes more open and collaborative, version control is increasingly important. From the simple example of “track changes” in Word, or creating a spreadsheet together in Google Sheets, office-based and remote workers are regularly collaborating in realtime and can easily see what others have done to improve code, texturize a logo or electrify…

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CAD in 2018: What to Expect in Architecture and Construction


While architecture and engineering don’t change much, the technology used to design is evolving at a rapid rate. Computer-aided design (CAD) is no exception. We’ve been watching and have made predictions about what to expect in 2018. Here are our top predictions for advancements in CAD in the next twelve months.  2018: Our 6 CAD…

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How Design is Changing the World of Information Technology


In Information Technology, Design has Become Essential Design has always been a critical element of architectural and industrial systems. Now information technology experts are finding that it gives their enterprises an edge, as well. Thanks to the availability of cloud computing and other advances, having functional software and robust hardware isn’t enough. Tech users and…

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Designing in the Cloud: How Architects are Using Cloud-Based Tools


From Collaboration to Cost Efficiency, Cloud Computing Gives Architects an Advantage Businesses of all kinds are moving their hardware and network resources to the cloud.  Cloud computing technology shifts the burden of hosting and maintaining these resources to the cloud service provider.  This allows businesses to focus on delivering their products and services, with many…

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