What Is Distance Learning?

What Is Distance Learning

Now more than ever before, many people are wondering, what is distance learning? And more importantly, how will this new approach impact the education system? Since the pandemic, many institutions are leaning towards distance learning, which is any learning that occurs without the students being physically present wherever the lesson is conducted. While instructional technology…

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Making Your School Attractive to Tech-Savvy Students

How colleges and universities can attract the tech-savvy student

Today’s students are the most tech-savvy in history. Not only do they have the know-how to live in a digital world, but they also seek institutions that function fluidly in the digital realm. It is vital to understand what students want when it comes to their school and how it uses technology. To compete, schools…

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The Future of Cloud Computing in Education

Cloud computing is beneficial in university settings.

The benefits of cloud computing aren’t a secret anymore. Education has seen an explosion of technology integration thanks to the ease and accessibility of the cloud. It’s also the best option for secure, scalable file storage. That indicates a bright future of cloud computing, especially in the education sector. The Benefits of Cloud Computing in…

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Revolutionizing the Classroom: The Impact of Technology in 2023-24

Technology in the classroom creates digital citizens and increases engagement.

In recent years, technology has had a significant impact on the education sector. With the rapid advancement of technology, the classroom has transformed from a traditional space into a dynamic and interactive learning environment. In 2023-24, the classroom is set to undergo even more changes, as educators continue to embrace technology to enhance teaching practices.…

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How to Implement Technology in the Classroom

Using technology in education

Today’s students are required to be far more tech savvy than those who were in the same classrooms a decade ago. With everything from college applications to job interviews taking place in the digital sphere, typing skills just don’t cut it. Here’s a look at what top experts in education say students need for tech…

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