How The Finance Industry Reaps The Advantages Of Digitization In Banking

Digitization in Banking

The advantages of digitization in banking have contributed significant strides of development within the financial industry. With mobile apps, e-bill payments, and online deposits becoming the new standard, we’re now seeing hefty digital disruption. Digital banking is widespread these days, with fintech, new mobile banks, and incumbents offering efficient and accessible banking experiences. The advantages…

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Grant Making Changes Due To The Pandemic And The Effect On Nonprofits

Grant Making Changes in Nonprofit Industry

Non-profits have been trying to introduce progressive grant-making changes for a long time. However, foundations were forced to modify their rules because of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, a recent study of approximately 300 grantmakers has shown that several organizations have reversed some of the changes.  Let’s explore the differences, what the situation is like now, and…

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Why the Financial Industry is Shifting to Financial Forecasting Models


With the unprecedented shifts in the global economy, financial advisors are transitioning to financial forecasting models. Financial forecasting is a process detailing the economic vision for the future of any company. In other words, it usually involves forecasting the expectations of future results. In contrast, financial modeling consists of taking these assumptions and calculating the…

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Big Data and Finance – What’s the Connection?


Leveraging Big Data in Finance for a Win There is a deep relationship shared between big data and finance, one that has often been qualified as being “two sides of the same coin”. Recently—and despite it being one of the most competitive markets across the world—the finance industry is facing a new generation of disruptions,…

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5 Things To Know About the New Tax Law on Financial Technology


This was one of our most popular blog posts of 2018. We’ve updated this post with new information to continue providing valuable content. There’s been a lot of chatter, online and off, about the new tax law. Here’s what everyone needs to know about how it affects FinTech (financial technology). How The New Tax Law…

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How Blockchain Technology Is Revolutionizing The FinTech Sector


This was one of our most popular blog posts of 2018. We’ve updated this post with new information to continue providing valuable content. Blockchain technology is changing the face of financial technology, or FinTech. What is Blockchain and why does it work so well in the finance sector? That’s what we’re unpacking today on the Computer…

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Using the Cloud for Ease of Operations Within Local Government


The cloud is a scalable, cost effective, secure solution for business and nonprofits. It is also making inroads in government. The cloud eases operations within local government. The Cloud in Local Government It may be surprising, but governments adopt the cloud at about the same rate other industries. Nationally, businesses spend 20.4% of their IT…

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Finance Management with Office 365


FinTech was late to the cloud game. Now, they’re pretty much proclaiming from the rooftops, “We’re here!” and are likely to pave the way for others to do the same. Here’s what you need to know if you’re still on the fence about cloud-based financial management with Office 365. If Microsoft 365 Is Good Enough…

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5 Ways that CFOs Reduce Cost with Managed IT Services


The Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services for Businesses Big and Small  Outsourcing IT services may seem counterintuitive from a budgetary standpoint, but savvy CFOs are realizing the benefits of this strategy. Managed IT services can significantly reduce costs to businesses while giving them a competitive edge.

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