A Full List of IT Terminology

We’ve compiled a full list of commonly encountered IT terminology that will help you better understand the industry and how it works. By familiarizing yourself with basic computer terms and definitions, you’ll allow yourself to understand manuals, descriptions, and everyday jargon necessary to fully grasp IT products and services.

You’ll find our tech glossary is conveniently laid out below in alphabetical order with an easy navigation interface so you can quickly reference words related to technology.

In addition to our tech terms, you can also find other resources to help you learn more about the role of technology in modern industry, including blogs, whitepapers, and case studies. Though our list of IT terms to know is expansive, if you have any further questions regarding things to know about technology, please contact us.



Ransomware are types of malicious software that invade and infect devices. They block access to the system, lock information and encrypt files until a sum of money is paid to release the system and data. They usually will infect a system through a malicious email attachment, software download, website or link.

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A rack is a physical structure that houses hardware modules such as servers, hard disk drives, and other computing equipment used in data centers and server rooms, allowing several pieces of equipment to be accommodated in a small location. They are utilized by ISPs and other telecommunication and computing facilities.

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