Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyberattack?


Businesses across all industries are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The threat is particularly great for small and mid-sized businesses that can’t divert resources into full-time, in-house IT security teams. The good news is that managed service providers (MSPs) help overcome these security obstacles. Outsourcing means you’ll have top of the line security solutions for whatever issues arise. A cyberattack can damage your business permanently, so it’s vital to prepare. What’s standing between you and good security measures?


Common Security Obstacles and How Managed Service Providers Can Help You Overcome Them

Skilled Personnel

When you put MSPs in charge of your security, you gain a wealth of expertise. Years on the front lines prepare them to identify new threats and remediate them. Good security also requires extensive maintenance. The team will fully handle everything from patch updates to implementation of new security protocols.

24/7 Coverage

When it comes to security, anything less than full-time coverage is unacceptable. The faster the team closes a security breach, the less chance of downtime or more grievous losses. MSPs are able to provide monitoring 24/7 and respond immediately. Security is a full-time concern.

Threat Awareness

Good security requires acute awareness of new and emerging security threats. MSPs mediate security across many organizations, collaborating to ensure each team has the latest information about ongoing cyberattacks. As security specialists, they also analyze trends to anticipate imminent threats.

Security Technology

If you build your own IT security team in house, you’ll also need to invest in the relevant security technology. Monitoring and analysis systems are part and parcel with MSPs, guaranteeing the most advanced protection of your business interests and client assets.

Training Resources

Although we think of security experts as being at the front lines, there is yet another line of defense that stands before them: your employees. A 2016 report by IBM noted that most breaches that year were due to employees inadvertently opening the door to intruders. MSPs provide training resources to reduce the number of employee mishaps that cause security problems. They can advise on tightening up access protocols to reduce your vulnerability in case of a misclick, too.

Budgetary Limitations

Outsourcing security may sound expensive, but the return on investment is huge. To build your own security team requires hiring and management resources. Keeping their salaries competitive may also be beyond what small to mid-sized businesses can handle, potentially leaving you vulnerable between new hirings. With MSPs, you can scale the team to your security needs and get the best coverage possible for your money.

Optimize Your Security with CRA’s Managed IT Solutions

For more than 25 years, CRA has been providing cutting edge information technology solutions to all kinds of organizations. No matter your mission or budget, our consulting teams can tailor a plan to meet your security needs. We will ensure the security of all your business resources, client information and personnel files. Whether you need a security tune-up or full security work-up, CRA is ready to help. Contact us today for an evaluation.

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