CRA’s Manage360° Delivers Economic Value and Cost Savings to NYC small and medium businesses

CRA reports that its managed IT solution Manage360°, initially launched this past summer, is delivering cost savings over 50% to its NYC small and medium business clients. In a recent total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, CRA compared the costs of its Manage360° clients running their own IT versus CRA’s managed IT solution Manage360°. The analysis also exposed the immediate and long-term cost savings that can be achieved.

For example:

• A not-for-profit organization, by year three, is anticipated to realize a cumulative cost savings of $417,360;
• A law firm is projected to save nearly $190,000 in the first year alone ($256,000 on-premise costs versus $66,000, an immediate cost savings of 74%.

The analysis affirmed the value proposition of CRA’s Manage360°, which is to help businesses realize both cost savings and a competitive advantage for themselves to achieve their transformational goals in terms of business and IT.

Chico Ramnarayan, chief executive officer of CRA stated, “More progressive small and medium businesses are turning to the managed services model to save money by having CRA fully manage their computing resources and business applications to ensure availability, optimal performance and maximum security. CRA is a partner to SMB decision makers in responding to their ever-increasing business demands.”

The analysis also showed that a valuable indirect benefit of Manage360° is cost avoidance of upfront capital expenditure or ongoing operational expenditures in the area of maintenance and upgrades.

Tom Richer, chief sales and marketing officer of CRA added, “Beyond the hard cost savings, there are several hidden cost savings delivered from Manage360°such as paying only for the actual IT support you need versus building out and staffing a costly IT department, gaining a competitive advantage through access to leading-edge technologies and expertise, increasing business performance through proactive support to keeping systems up and running healthy resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity, and reducing risk as CRA manages much of the risk.”

The analysis additionally revealed that savings aren’t always on the front end and is highly correlated to network complexity and user count. Savings are realized faster with lower user counts versus higher user counts. Lastly, the findings showed end user productivity was realized on the front end.

CRA chief technology officer Mike Kozak added, “CRA continues to innovate to drive down negative interactions and increase productivity for end-users. Our industry-best ticket average, less than half of leading competitors, ensures the staff of our clients are available to tackle business problems instead of waiting for a call back from our competitors.”

Backed by over 20 years of experience in managed IT solutions, CRA specializes in managing and running the IT departments of many NYC-based small and medium businesses.

To lean more about CRA’s Manage360° solution, please:
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