Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Top Priorities this Month And Beyond

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Realizing the increasing risk that internal attacks pose to national security and business, American federal agencies work together to preserve cybersecurity awareness month, formerly known as “National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.” These include the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).The message of the month is clear: SMBs to large…

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The Quick Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month all of October, and we thought we’d celebrate the occasion with a brief explainer on the basics of what you need to know to keep your data and identity safe. Cybersecurity Awareness Month was created to help raise awareness about the growing (and the continuously evolving) need for cybersecurity in both…

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The Importance Of Having A Cybersecurity Culture In Your Workforce

Cybersecurity Culture In Your Workforce

A Clark School study from the University of Maryland aimed at cybersecurity culture, reveals that hackers attack every 39 seconds, and one in three Americans are affected by these efforts each year. While it doesn’t take much in the way of time or money to strengthen our digital defenses, many people don’t do it simply…

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Cybersecurity Best Practices: Protecting Client Information

Use cybersecurity best practices to lessen risk of a security breach

Cybersecurity breaches are on the rise. From small businesses to giant corporations, everyone is vulnerable to cyber attack. You don’t want to believe it but the unfortunate truth is: it could happen to you. Being aware of this is a good start. But if you’re faced with the reality of a cyber attack, you and…

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Growing Your Firm’s Operational Privacy Team in 2019

securing your firm’s operational privacy agreement

The European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. The United States is soon to follow suit by passing its own federal privacy laws. For example, the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a recent tax privacy law that will take effect in January 2020. In the wake of…

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The Importance of Backups: Restoring Data After A Breach


In one year, from April 2016 to August 2017, 14 million small businesses were hacked. Small- to medium-sized businesses have a high risk of cyber attacks for a host of reasons. The combination of the number of attacks and the risk has moved Congress to seek legislation creating a set of resources and guidelines for…

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The 17 Types of Cyber Attacks You’re Likely To Face

Do you know the types of cyber attacks you're at risk of?

When a cyber security attack happens to a big company it hits the news and gets plenty of air time. In a world of virtual money hundreds of thousands can be affected by a data breach. But it’s not just big banks and dating sites that are at risk. Small to medium-sized businesses are the…

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Why Are SMBs Targets For Hackers?


Small to medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, are at the most risk for hacks. If your business has fewer than 1000 employees, there’s a good chance that you’re at risk. Let’s explore why and how hackers target SMBs and how to tighten up your enterprise to avoid a breach. What Makes SMBs At Risk For Hacking…

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4 Ways To Protect Your IoT Devices

Protect Your IoT Devices With These Four Strategies

Ten years ago the first iPhone hit the market and our lives changed. Sure, there were BlackBerry and Treo phones before then that hinted at the capabilities of internet-capable phones but it was the iPhone that opened us to all the possibilities. The most incredible of those possibilities? The Internet of Things: the network of…

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Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyberattack?


Businesses across all industries are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The threat is particularly great for small and mid-sized businesses that can’t divert resources into full-time, in-house IT security teams. The good news is that managed service providers (MSPs) help overcome these security obstacles. Outsourcing means you’ll have top of the line security solutions for whatever issues…

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