Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Nonprofit Cybersecurity

Cloud Computing for Nonprofits

When it comes to nonprofit cybersecurity, cloud-based computing has modified IT infrastructure in a significant way. Now, you can plug in infrastructure through the internet and employ computing resources such as applications, servers, data storage, networking capabilities, development tools, and more without installing and maintaining them onsite. 

If you’re a business or an individual who has adopted cloud-based computing, then you must know how great this innovation can be. It increases efficiency, improves collaboration, and much more. The benefits of cloud computing aren’t limited to businesses alone. In today’s time, nonprofits have adopted complete digital transformation to endure the aftereffects of the pandemic. 

Nonprofits adopting digital strategies are producing data-backed insights and greater efficiency even after the outbreak. The cloud has also helped in the prevention of nonprofit cyber attacks of all sorts. 

How has cloud computing transformed nonprofits? Read on!

Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Nonprofit Organizations

Cloud computing is one of the most effective ways to provide data security for nonprofits. Not only does it ensure nonprofit cybersecurity, but it also has numerous other benefits:

  • Cost-Effective

With the help of cloud computing, nonprofits can minimize their IT expenses by removing software and hardware, requiring costly installations or upgrades. 

This means they can save in power – electricity required for onsite hardware – and people (IT maintenance services). In addition, cloud-based computing has reformed the way nonprofits operate because they receive enterprise-grade security, disaster recovery, and backup services at affordable rates. 

  • Increased Scalability

Cloud computing provides incomparable scalability, helping nonprofits manage growth far more efficiently. However, nonprofits have an inconsistent flow of income, with continuous variations in donations and volunteer numbers. 

With the help of the cloud, nonprofit organizations can easily scale down or up to manage existing needs instead of predicting the number of resources required. So, for example, nonprofits can expand if they require additional storage during busier months and scale down when there isn’t much going on.

  • Virtual (Remote) Capabilities

Remote access enables nonprofit organizations to share information with members, no matter where they’re across the world.  

This is important because nonprofits have several groups working together, like board members, stakeholders, grant writers, etc. For them, collaboration is key, even if they aren’t in one location. 

With cloud-based computing, people working for a nonprofit can access any data they need, from anywhere, using any device.  Thus, information can be shared securely and effectively, leading to enhanced productivity. 

  • Fundraising Opportunities

Cloud-based computing has helped nonprofits transform the fundraising process. For example, web-based funding is constantly rising in popularity along with the clouds’ scalable infrastructure and different advances in software. 

Cloud computing models such as “Software as a Service (SaaS)” and “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” have allowed nonprofit organizations to expand their funding opportunities significantly despite having little onsite infrastructure. 

In addition to that, with cloud-based solutions, nonprofits can easily cope with high demands whenever there’s a big fundraiser. Since most people utilize their smartphones to contact nonprofits, internet fundraising is necessary. 

Computer Resources of America 

In this post-pandemic world, nonprofits are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Therefore, it’s essential to take measures that reduce the risk. 

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