Cost-Saving Benefits of Cloud Computing


Smart Businesses Do It in the Cloud

Do what? Everything! The benefits of cloud computing are vast and more and more businesses, of varying sizes and industries, are looking to the cloud to run their businesses. Why? The reasons are many but here are some convincing cost-saving benefits.

Work from Anywhere

One of the benefits of cloud computing is that employees can work from almost anywhere. How does that pay? Despite traditional beliefs that employees need supervision and structure, touted experts have found that working from home makes for highly productive workers. People will work at times that they are most productive (everyone loves to feel productive) and can control temperature, sound, even smells — fostering a productive and efficient workplace. You’re also able to have smaller offices and drop utility usage.

Easy Updates

Cloud computing means that you can kiss goodbye hours lost to software upgrades. Instead of one master copy passed around the office, or downloaded and installed, cloud software updates automatically, usually when shutting equipment down. The results are that employees have the most up-to-date version of software immediately and with no time wasted.

No Lost Time Waiting

Conducting business in the cloud offers amazing opportunities for collaboration that keep everyone on the same page at the same time. When employees and clients call in everyone has what they need — no passing things around (and no making copies — another cost to many companies).

Collaboration Reduces Time to Market

With cloud computing comes shared storage. Whether using something as simple as Google Drive and Slack or more complex, like Basecamp, employees are virtually “on the same page”. Files are shared in real time, just the people who need to can chat about changes, and to-dos are quickly checked off the list, reducing time spent through more traditional models.

Quick Savings

One of the benefits of cloud computing is that the cost savings come quickly. Here are some ways costs can be reduced whether a company is just starting up or moving to the cloud after years of establishing itself.

  • Simpler Tech: The cloud can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, and even some televisions. No more need for fancy computers or to purchase memory upgrades for hardware.
  • Ditch the Data Center: Cloud computing means everything is stored on the internet reducing, or eliminating, your need to pay to maintain storage on someone else’s server.
  • Pay As You Go, For What You Need: There’s nothing worse than paying for more than you need or use. Sure, a feature may sound cool but if you don’t use it, and you’re paying for it, well, what sense does that make? One of the benefits of cloud computing is that you pay for what you need and use and can scale a platform to fit your exact needs — only paying for what you need and use.

Studies have found that cloud computing is growing at a faster rate than previously predicted and with the cost-saving benefits attached to it it’s easy to see why. Even things that might not seem, on the surface, to lower the bottom line can be traced as doing exactly that. It’s time to check out how adding, or increasing, the cloud can help your business.

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