Empowering Attorneys in the Field with Secure File Access

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Even the simplest legal matters require substantial paperwork.  Many individuals require access to files during case processing, too.  Paralegals, administrative assistants, clerks and other attorneys regularly review and consult documents on behalf of clients.  PDFs and other digital formats have simplified life for lawyers, since documents are instantly searchable and shareable.  Cloud computing and enhanced security features for documents have made it even easier for law firms to do business.  Case files are housed securely on the cloud so that they’re accessible from anywhere. Productivity software on the cloud also streamlines casework by keeping all information current and available to every member of the team. Having secure file access for attorneys in the field empowers them in a multitude of ways.files2 (1).jpg

The Benefits of Secure File Access for Lawyers in the Field

Whether the legal team is in the courtroom or simply away from the office, secure file access improves efficiency, productivity and security.  For example, legal teams benefit from:

  • Remote search. All case-related files are on hand and instantly searchable in a secure fashion. This allows quick reference to previous motions, briefs and rulings — even from the courtroom.
  • Increased billable hours. By saving on administrative time lost to paperwork, attorneys can increase billable hours. They can also work anywhere, any time, with all case information on hand. This means casework continues even when attorneys travel.
  • Remote collaboration. Anyone involved in the case can access documents from anywhere, safely and securely. Cloud-based productivity software also streamlines casework. Electronic signatures also save time for all parties involved, allowing closure of deals swiftly and efficiently.
  • Improved security. All files are secure and protected through regular backups by a professional security team. Encryption protects confidential exchanges, too. Restricted downloads, time-limited links and user tracking further restricts and monitors access to critical documents.

Cloud Computing And Secure File Access for Legal Services

CRA provides innovative information technology and security solutions to businesses across all industries. Our cloud computing services are ideal for the legal industry. We’ll optimize security and maximize accessibility to empower your attorneys in the field. Contact our consultants for a free evaluation today.

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