Why Nonprofit Organizations Need Cloud Computing


Using the Cloud To Your Advantage

Cloud computing technology moves your server hardware footprint away from your place of business and consolidates it in a datacenter. Access to the hardware and network resources such as file shares is through the Internet. It is quickly becoming a popular trend in large and small businesses alike because it offers significant cost savings and ensures business continuity. Worldwide spending on public cloud services could double from almost $70 billion in 2015 to over $141 billion in 2019, according to research firm IDC. 

More and more nonprofit organizations are using cloud computing. Keeping all your resources on the Internet can give you the edge with:

  • Increased mobility. From the cloud, you can access all your data and resources from almost anywhere. Remote access also means increasing your potential hiring opportunities. Remote workers and volunteers can contribute to your nonprofit’s progress with ease.
  • Deeper collaboration. Shared access on the cloud creates amazing opportunities for collaboration. Contributors can work on projects together from multiple locations, sharing files seamlessly. This also means the latest versions of documents will always be at everyone’s fingertips. Such accessibility also encourages interactions between organizations, which is vital for many nonprofits.
  • Reduced costs. Cloud computing will radically reduce your startup costs and streamline your budget. It eliminates the need to buy hardware, as well as store and maintain it. You’ll never need to worry about software installation and upgrades either. Why pay to assemble and manage your own teams of IT experts when you can use ours?
  • Advanced data security. With cloud computing, you’ll have the latest data security available. Your provider will also cover maintenance and backups as a matter of course. In an emergency, data recovery will be less expensive than an outside service, too. We help protect your nonprofit organization’s budget as well as your data.
  • Scalability on demand. Cloud computing services also afford your nonprofit organization another layer of flexibility. Depending on your needs, you can adjust storage limits, number of users, and other parameters. Such simple scalability allows you to commit to bigger projects without over-investing. It’s easy to scale back, as well, when funding is unpredictable.

Let CRA Help Your Nonprofit Organization with Cloud Computing

CRA helps all sorts of clients transition their business environments to the cloud. Is your nonprofit organization ready to work via a private, public, or hybrid cloud? Please contact us for a free evaluation!


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