What You Should Know About Short & Long-Term IT Support


In today’s competitive business landscape, a well equipped IT support solutions structure will help you earn that winning edge in industry.

Whether your enterprise is a startup, or a medium or large-scale corporation, you will need to define your IT strategies to optimize your business objectives sooner or later. It’s a fact: long and short term planning for IT support is essential for any company today.

IT Support: What You Need to Know

Do you need to rectify your company’s software installations in order to protect them from virus attacks, or do you require 24×7 monitoring of your databases? Is your network firewall strong enough to protect data theft or are you suffering downtime due to a slow running network? These are essential questions in IT support you need to ask while engaging a vendor to equip your company with powerful IT tools.

Only a seasoned IT support vendor like Computer Resources of America or CRA is equipped to deliver a plan that serves both your emerging needs and meets long-term targets. These are a range of comprehensive, affordable and customized IT solutions that will help you increase output and streamline your workflow. Our specialized packages are designed according to your business goals and monetary investments.

Are You Considering Short Term or Long Term IT Planning?

Short Term IT Planning – Our short-term IT offerings are meant to look into more prompt requirements like disaster recovery, back up of data, CPU and RAM maintenance, software upgrades and off-site repair or maintenance to guarantee maximum uptime with your IT infrastructure.

Short-term IT planning has more to do with the regular requirements a company has in solving day-to-day issues in IT maintenance and monitoring.

Long-Term IT Planning – Long-term IT planning suits long-running objectives of a company. From preparing an IT support team, designing your web services and data access modes to more refined offerings such as the need for cloud computing platforms, these are the long-lasting agendas that are built in accordance with the nature and structure of a business.

How We Operate

CRA has devised categories of IT support solutions to fit both short and long term business objectives. From enterprise level assistance to weekend maintenance, disaster recovery and carrying out new software upgrades, our entire gamut of offerings is prepared after thoroughly understanding your business targets, budgetary investments and time commitments.

Our experienced team of engineers and project managers will review every detail and develop a project plan that helps you to refine your IT network and bring it to full maturity. During this symbiotic process, we ensure that our clients gain a 360 degree view of the processes being mapped and can gauge our efforts as well. That is why at every stage we encourage feedback from our clients on our workflow and development.

Whether you require consulting on technology support and upgrades, effective IT management, wireless networking or cloud computing, or you need to implement comprehensive server support and both onsite and remote monitoring, CRA is equipped to take care of all of these issues.

Just tell us what your corporate objective is, and our experts at CRA will tell you how best to translate those goals into a reality.