The Latest Digital Nonprofit Trends

Nonprofit Trends

When it comes to analyzing current digital nonprofit trends, it’s critical to understand that the shift towards digitization involves much more than updating your present technological infrastructure. It’s a comprehensive approach of integrating people, processes, and technology to boost productivity. It’s essential now that nonprofits embrace new digital technologies to assist in achieving goals much faster and to reach target markets more efficiently. 

Digital Strategy For Nonprofits: Embracing the Newest Tech Necessities 

Due to the 2020 pandemic, it’s important to create and maintain a robust, flexible digital strategy for nonprofits. We’ve conducted some market research and compiled a brief nonprofit marketing trend report that indicated the following sectors and trends are being targeted for updated IT infrastructure:  

Remote Work Adaptation

As stay-at-home orders and lockdowns were implemented to keep people safe, businesses initiated work from home protocols. Nonprofits with a remote workforce are increasing in frequency, and they must have the ability to securely employ the most talented individuals, wherever they may be located. 

In addition, demand for telecommuting security software has increased, as this method of communication is proving cost-effective and can lead to better productivity and improved morale. Maintaining open lines of communication is a crucial method of building trust between employees and managers. 

Data Security 

Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities they can capitalize on. If you accept donations via card over your website, outdated security protection can allow someone access to your user database where they can exploit information. It is critical to have a current, proper data security plan in place. 

Enriched Media

Nonprofit organizations should employ new ways to interact with their audience, including videos, podcasts, and webinars that demonstrate mission values and culture. Software support may be necessary to publish and maintain these usually large file types. 

Cloud-Based Services 

More nonprofits are shifting to the cloud to save costs while enabling a mobile workforce. Rather than owning or renting premises and maintaining a costly infrastructure such as servers, networking devices, and an internet connection, this is a better option. The availability of new data and cybersecurity tools adds to the merits of this model.

Managed IT Services 

Proper managed service companies provide solutions at a fixed amount. This approach lowers costs, improves security, and decreases downtime. 

They constantly monitor your operations, and if anything falls out of place, they revive the system or come up with the next best alternative.

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