Bridging the Gap Between Enterprise Law Firms and SMB Law Firms

Law Firm Tech Support

A large, nationwide law firm undoubtedly has an advantage over smaller firms, not only in the types of clients they attract and the benefits they offer but also in the kind of law firm tech support they often have.
Smaller legal firms must contend with more sacrifices when it comes to improving efficiency because they often have much fewer resources at their disposal. But, with technology becoming the great equalizer among the competition, greater advancements are helping these smaller fish bridge this competitive gap.
Getting yourself appropriate IT support for law firms and investing in up-to-date software tools for organizing or documenting casework is the new strategy for smaller firms looking to go head-to-head with the bigwigs.

The Need For Change

First off, if you’re using outdated software, it’s time to change. While you may be comfortable in using these tools, truth be told it’s not doing you any justice – keeping records is impossible and fetching laws, case files and profiles makes you want to cry for help.

You need newer, better, more-advanced IT solutions if you even want to have a chance at competing with larger firms.

Let’s delve in and see what legal IT services can do for you:


  • Automate Tasks


The right IT solution will allow you to handle accounting and billing, manage time via time tracking options, cope with mountains of documents more efficiently, maintain a schedule, all while you have secure conversations with clients and other stakeholders.


  • Safeguard The Attorney-Client Privilege


Legal information in the wrong hands can hurt your case.

However, the right software with proper law firm tech support can help SMB law firms better safeguard client information and case files. It lets attorneys be more involved with clients helping them establish contact via secure channels. This ensures that no ill-intentioned people can breach systems and access info illegally.


  • Constant Contact And Support


Thanks to legal IT services and comprehensive software, it is possible to maintain a secure channel to high-priority clients via email and cloud services.

In fact, these cloud solutions also allow authorized personnel to work remotely, so vital information can be accessed from wherever, whenever, to help clients out.

The Benefits Of Getting IT Support 

While significantly lessening the gap between enterprise and SMB law firms, leading centralized software powered by law firm IT support can also offer the following benefits:

  • Less dependency on paper-based files reduces costs and enhances security.
  • Researching older case files becomes a lot faster thanks to simple search and revert functions.
  • Storage costs are reduced significantly.
  • Employees are more productive as they get faster access to critical information with complete secrecy.
  • The new systems are not only expedient but also easier to use, adding to employee efficiency.

Sounds Overwhelming? Let Experts Help You Transition!

This is where professional law firm tech support companies can help you. At CRA, our team will not only help you implement new software, but we will also assist your team in learning how to use it to its full potential.

As part of our law firm IT solutions, you can count on us for managed IT services, cloud solutions, IT consultancy, and much more. To know more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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