The Importance of Business Continuity Planning In Today’s Modern Landscape

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When it comes to business continuity planning, studies have shown that 75% of small and medium-sized enterprises have no ready-to-go “disaster recovery” plan objective.

Disruptive events are rarely forecasted and can adversely affect revenue inflows. Legal firms are particularly vulnerable to these events given the volume of sensitive information they typically store. Legal entities can lose important clients and, provided the damages are severe enough, trust and credibility. In the past, many law-centric companies weren’t able to regain the same momentum and failed to rebuild operations even after six to seven months of the incident.

With Computer Resource of America, you can remain prepared for all types of emergencies, including less crucial occurrences such as minor floods and computer glitches. CRA is an all-embracing cloud-based business continuity management system (BCMS) that removes data loss, protects infrastructure, and guarantees application availability.

No matter the scale and level of operations your law company handles, our team at CRA ensures that operations won’t get halted despite a disruption.

With CRA, your legal company’s business continuity planning can avoid disasters such as:

  • Missed court dates and appearances
  • Revenue loss on a daily or hourly basis
  • Perennial loss of extremely valuable information
  • Losing clientele to competitors

Business Continuity Plan For Law Firms

Apart from creating disaster recovery and business continuity plans for law firms that protect revenue-generating functions, you can devise strategies to ensure the safety and health of employees.

With the exhaustive “Business Impact Analysis (BIA)” module, you can form all-inclusive law company business continuity planning that considers every possible risk. Your business continuity and disaster recovery plans can be tested thoroughly across various scenarios by running simulations.

CRA makes business continuity plans for law companies straightforward by separating the solution into particular components:

  • Business processes: Your law firm’s daily activities and tasks.
  • Responders: The executive is responsible for stationing the plan.
  • Alternate responders: In case the primary worker option isn’t available, who will occupy the place?
  • Contacts: A detailed database of every individual, group, and team involved in the business.
  • Headcounts: Monitoring all members of staff during emergencies like evacuations.
  • Communication: Smooth channels for information exchange.
  • Data security: Accessing and protecting valuable information both in and post-crisis.
  • Alternate sites: Requirements to shift business activities to the backup site.

Business continuity plans for law companies with CRA include essential procedures like risk assessment and BIA. CRA lets you acquire a thorough understanding of ways your law firm handles its data by providing ways for retrieving, securing, and storing data, so on-spot decisions can be made when required.

In addition, you can make data protection plans, which can be assessed based on boundaries such as the entirety of protection and recovery speed.

Computer Resources of America

Business continuity plans for law firms can appear to be a problematic proposition, considering the amount of confidential information involved. However, with CRA’s NYC emergency planning, you can have an extensive prepared solution, which squarely addresses every potential risk factor and ensures continuity of functions.

Computer Resource of America is a New York City-based comprehensive IT solutions and consultancy provider. Our services include managed IT solutions (Manage360 and Continuity), cloud solutions, IT consulting, and staffing. We work with SMBs and large legal establishments as well as the healthcare industry. Contact us for more information on security or IT solutions!

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