How Law Firms Harness The Power of Social Media To Gain Clients

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Social media isn’t just for brands. People go to social for news, recommendations and to educate themselves. If your law firm is using traditional advertising, it’s time to reconsider. Here’s how social can help your firm gain media.jpg

Social Media Works For Law Firms

Despite the fact that social media works, few law firms have leveraged its power. Here’s why social works and an easy way to build each of these in your strategy.

Repeat Exposure Without The Work

It takes six to eight exposures to get someone to try a new product. You’re not selling a product but learn from this marketing adage: repeat exposure builds name recognition and name recognition makes someone more likely to remember you when they need an attorney. Good social media posts are shared easily. Producing good content means you’re upping your exposure just by hitting “publish”.

People Want An Authority

Law firms are seriously behind the times when it comes to social media. Despite this, they are considered revered authorities on topics spanning from employment to corporate dealings. Rather than simply posting on your blog about what your firm is winning, create educational content.

Videos are particularly effective. YouTube is easy to use and with 5 billion videos viewed daily, it’s clearly working. Create videos (live action or using presentation software) that explain high interest topics and share them on your social. Each video should include clickable links back to your contact page. Not only do you present yourself as an authority but you also benefit from all the shares you’re likely to gain.

Keep this in mind: YouTube captures more of the 18-39 and 18-46 demographic than any cable news network. It’s also cheaper than advertising on cable.

Get On Instagram

Today, people have stopped thinking of social media as a separate entity. Visual, storytelling media is accessible and sought by internet users of all ages. This is why every brand is engaging on Instagram. That’s right, it’s not just for beauty bloggers and photographers. Today’s clients want two things out of a law firm: humanity and tech savvy. You’ll be far ahead of the competition if you create visual posts that show the story of your firm and how it engages with clients.

Worried about privacy? You don’t have to give away client information. Simply share insight into who your attorneys are and their motivations and passions. You’ll notice engagement.

Additionally, it’s imperative to use hashtags on Instagram. By tagging your posts with multiple tags, users can more easily find your content. #tampaattorney #laborlaw #workersrights #corporatelaw… search hashtags you think fit and you’d be amazed what you find.

Building Social Into Your Plan

Law firms should establish a professional or business profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and post story-driven and educational content daily that drives users to their site. Increase your authority and name recognition now while taking advantage of the wide exposure social media offers.

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