Advisory: Hurricane Joaquin

To All Customers,

Your business and ensuring that there is continuity in place in order for services to continue uninterrupted is important to us. We understand that sometimes events such as inclement weather and other unforeseen factors that cannot be predicted can come up and cause a disruption in your ability to conduct your core business.

We track and monitor events that have the potential to be disruptive to you and this is one such advisory.

We are monitoring Hurricane Joaquin’s progress as it makes its way up the East coast. Current forecasts indicate the potential for the storm to impact the New York/ New Jersey area on Monday morning, although the exact direction and severity of any impact to the area are unknown at this time.

We recommend that customers who have employees with remote access verify that their assigned equipment is in working condition and requisite equipment such as RSA security tokens are on hand for them to work away from the office if necessary.

Rest assured that we have our own business continuity plans in place and a coverage plan to ensure that your needs are met.

We will continue to monitor Hurricane Joaquin and send updates as more information becomes available. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 212-376-4040 or email at

Check our website for more updates.

Thank you and regards,
CRA Service team

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