The Benefits and Cost Savings of Managed IT Services

Cost Savings Of Managed IT Services

Every business owner asks the same question about protecting their bottom line: where can I cut costs?  It can be tempting to reduce the IT budget and/or spend less on technology-related upgrades and repairs. But this is a big mistake. Neglecting cybersecurity and tech issues can make your business vulnerable to data breaches and software…

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Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

Cloud Computing Trends

Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and offering numerous benefits to transform businesses of all sizes across every industry, the future of cloud computing is looking brighter than ever. Cloud computing services and technology store your resources over the internet—programs and files are saved on a single server, and workstations access them from the office or remotely.…

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Emerging Technologies in Construction, Design, And Architecture To Watch Out For In 2020

Emerging Technologies in Construction

As an industry that prides itself on its advancements in construction, building design, and architecture, it may be surprising that the world of technological design isn’t exactly open to innovation. In fact, emerging technologies in construction, design, and architecture have often resisted modernization and new approaches in favor of old, faithful methods. But here’s the…

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Establishing a Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy for Your School/Classroom

Cyber Security Schools

As data breaches and cybersecurity threats become commonplace, cyber security in schools is fast becoming a priority to ensure the safety of students and their online data. It’s important to note here that the education sector is significantly lagging behind other organizations and industries that face similar cybersecurity threats. The trouble is that cybercriminals know…

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