Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

Cloud Computing Trends

Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and offering numerous benefits to transform businesses of all sizes across every industry, the future of cloud computing is looking brighter than ever. Cloud computing services and technology store your resources over the internet—programs and files are saved on a single server, and workstations access them from the office or remotely. This agile and scalable solution was valued at at $196.7 billion in 2018, and now the cloud computing market is projected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023.

Businesses worldwide, regardless of their size, are moving towards the cloud to avoid disruptions in workflows. Cloud solutions share attributes that differentiate them from basic web and network services and support three supplemental uses: connectivity, continuity, and collaboration. To further explain these uses, we’ve gathered a few of the latest cloud computing trends:

  • Connectivity 

Observers of the edge market predict that the pandemic could enhance reliance on edge solutions, which can monitor workflows in factories and retail stores and reduce the need for on-site workers. Through this technology in a post-pandemic world, edge devices could collect data to learn if employees are abiding by recommended hygiene standards, and whether customers are appropriately social distancing.

  • Cloud Continuity 

Prior to the pandemic, very few companies protected their data in the cloud, and on-site disaster recovery strategies have continued to lose relevance. Even before the newly surfaced in-house server room flaws, everything came to a standstill if the server was compromised. Therefore, some firms have already made the wise move of depending on cloud computing for disaster recovery.


In fact, Forrester predicts that an additional 20% of enterprises will move their disaster recovery protocols to the public cloud in 2021, as no one can afford disruptions in data centers due to the pandemic.

In addition, a strong focus in 2021 and beyond will be to enhance security and limit breaches. As most users are now accessing cloud-based software via devices and networks, avenues for breaches have increased. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for security lapses, which is why securing data on the cloud is now a top priority.

  • Collaboration 

Thanks to advanced cloud computing technology, improving your business with the latest collaboration technologies is no longer a complicated task. From online meetings to shared online workspaces, when you take your collaboration tool into the cloud, everything gets updated in real-time and on the same platform, so all team members are kept in the loop. Cloud-based business applications can be accessed anywhere at any time, files can be automatically synced and available from any device, and more.

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