NYC Architecture Firms Adapt to Virtual Architect Practices

Virtual Architect

With remote work conditions quickly becoming the new norm, many industries have had to adapt to new structures and facilitate the integration of novel practices, including the idea of transitioning into a virtual architect.

IT and architectural firms have forged strong working relationships since long before the pandemic. However, in light of 2020’s social restrictions spilling over into 2021, this relationship is now more critical than ever before.

The role of communication software, IT services and the internet have expanded to become all-encompassing office solutions.They offer design and structure services that include the tools to support digital architects working remotely. More specifically, they help with innovative solutions that optimize performance and provide better ROI against technological investments, among other things.

The primary objective of these digital services is to integrate a practical framework into your IT environment.

Seeking to capitalize on the value of IT during the pandemic, some NYC architecture firms shifted to a remote work set up last year. Although architecture seems like a challenging field in which to apply modern technologies, experts are quickly adapting to advanced IT solutions.

A Digital Architect Needs a Business Continuity Plan

The pandemic has emphasized the need for a strong business continuity plan to rescue firms in a time of crisis. Similarly, architectural firms need a highly efficient business continuity plan because their field did not evolve to depend on digital solutions.

Designers who previously used to communicate, brainstorm, and collaborate in person, now do so through virtual meetings and digital studios.

3 Steps to Digitizing an Architecture Studio 

There are three steps involved in creating an efficient remote architecture studio:

1. Security

Security is the utmost priority in digital architecture. Even the most advanced studio with state-of-the-art tools will not be complete without the presence of a secure network.

A protected server will secure all virtual documents and paperwork by limiting authorization. In short, it is essential to ensure security when providing IT support for architects.

2. Communication

A remote work setup requires instantly accessible communication channels to make up for the loss of personal contact, onsite visits, and in-person ideation.

Efficient communication software and platforms are required for architects to save time and avoid miscommunication.

3. Collaboration

Efficient collaboration is essential regardless of the work setup. Architectural processes, codes, classified blueprints, and client directives need to be reviewed and approved from within the firm before they are processed.

Tech companies who use Cloud Continuity processes know that they need to cater to these requirements when providing IT services for architects.

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