What Is Distance Learning?

What Is Distance Learning

Now more than ever before, many people are wondering, what is distance learning? And more importantly, how will this new approach impact the education system?

Since the pandemic, many institutions are leaning towards distance learning, which is any learning that occurs without the students being physically present wherever the lesson is conducted. While instructional technology tools are on the rise, there are still quite a few challenges to overcome.

Common Challenges of Online Distance Learning

Historically, distance learning has faced numerous challenges that have led to continued hesitation in adopting the method full-time. Teachers have expressed concern about having inadequate control over course progress, and trouble in meeting the required learning styles.

We’ve gathered a list of a few other common challenges:

  • Collaboration

Collaboration is an important tool for effective learning, as it allows students and teachers to interact socially. Considering how we’re just coming to grips with the wide usage of these tools, we still need to find effective ways to provide students the opportunity to collaborate on projects with other classmates, and their teachers.

  • Communication

One of the most fundamental tools to ensure effective learning is to have clear two-way communication between students and the instructors. Body language and in-person discussions are the foundation of communication and learning. Now that education is becoming remote, methods of sharing information are becoming more and more impersonal.

  • Cloud Computing

Distance learning continues to face the vulnerability of cloud computing systems. Although cloud-based computing technologies have significantly flourished, educational institutions are still unwilling to apply cloud computing technology due to privacy and security concerns.

Modern Tech for Learning

We’ve gathered a list of  popular online distance learning softwares used by leading educational experts:

  • Google

Google’s G Suite productivity apps are impressive tools to improve student collaboration. The classroom version, known as G Suite for Education, includes additional features for applications such as Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail, and Drive, among others.

  • ClassFlow

ClassFlow is ideal for teachers who strive to make distance learning a fun, interactive activity. It helps instructors create interactive quizzes, activities, and lessons, and allows them to use their creations as presentations or send them to students as resources.

  • Blackboard

Blackboard is a credible cloud-based distance learning software that can cater to students and teachers. With Blackboard Classroom, users can conduct video conferencing, research classroom analytics, and utilize assignment management.

Emerging Technologies In Distance Education

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