Are There Secure Web Portals in New York?


A secure, web-based portal can be crucial to the effective remote management of patients at home.

There are so many variables that present challenges. Network downtime, natural disasters and the like are just a couple of the more common issues that will usually develop.

Meanwhile, telehealth is improving and gaining in importance and acceptance. Patient at home monitoring helps home healthcare providers during those periods of time when they aren’t physically in the home. Even though telehealth is huge, it’s still in its infancy. A major growth consideration lies within the security and reliability of these connections.

Outsourced solutions can be the answer.

According to Computer Resources of America, a leading IT support services and technology based solutions company for small and medium businesses, enterprises, and government agencies, security concerns are ever-present and require an expert, solutions-based approach to all types of home health care situations. They point out that a multi-tiered architecture approach that isolates the web, application, and Emergency Health Records (EHR) servers behind multiple firewalls can help.

Of course, that is only one layer of a robust approach to reliable communications and monitoring of patient records and conditions from the home.

When natural disasters strike, the challenge of communications and monitoring becomes even more pronounced and important. During Superstorm Sandy, Computer Resources of America was called upon to address multiple concerns regarding the continuity of systems, their workflow, throughput, and the continuing security of I.T. systems that protect and convey patient healthcare data.

It’s obvious that experience counts.

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