Why is a BDR solution important for your business?

Most people believe that their data is only at risk to hackers or the rarity of a natural disaster. The reality is that 78% of all lost data is due to downtime caused by an unexpected hardware or system malfunction, and 11% is a result of human error.shutterstock_274807505(2)-min

Lost data is regarded as one of the worst effects of downtime; which is the time in which all machinery and systems are out of action or unavailable for use. Minimizing downtime is a major priority in business today, but solely backing up your data isn’t enough. More and more organizations are finding out that just because they have their data replicated and stored securely, doesn’t mean they have preserved the longevity of their business during a disaster.

To truly ensure the survival of your organization a Backup Disaster Recovery plan with Business Continuity must be established. Replicating data and storing it in multiple locations is only half the battle. Your organization needs to be capable of continuing operations and delivering products or services at a quality level. Just imagine having the ability to run all business critical applications and processes during a power outage, network crash, or even a hurricane.

Go beyond the planning and take action!

Continuity, CRA’s Backup Disaster & Recovery solution, is similar to having a fire escape in your server room. All your business critical application servers, like email, databases, and proprietary software, can easily escape unscathed in a disaster. When a disaster strikes, your servers are instantaneously spun up in a virtual environment, allowing all critical applications to remain fully operational.

No one wants their business to fail especially when a simple precautionary plan could have prevented it. We always remind our clients to stay away from being complacent and the idea that “it won’t happen to me.”

Did you know that…

93% of all companies that lose their data for 10 days file bankruptcy within one year, and 50% of those companies file immediately. Don’t become a statistic, check out Continuity and preserve the longevity of your company today.