Computer Resources of America and AppAssure!!!

Computer Resources of America is happy to announce it’s partnership with AppAssure.  We’ve been working with Dell for many years and this partnership became quite clear with their improvements to the software with their recent acquisition.

Utilizing AppAssure for our clients, we’re able to give small and medium business the opportunity to experience true disaster recovery, local and remote backup, and on-site instant recovery at prices never thought affordable just a few years ago.  Our solutions are extremely scalable, from just one or two servers to dozens.

We also offer many different options for disaster recovery and off-site backup including utilization of facilities in New York City and our co-locations on Long Island and in Nevada for geographic isolation.  Depending on your requirements and needs, we can have your servers standing in a state ready to be turned on in the event of an outage.  This proved extremely useful during Hurricane Sandy when much of lower Manhattan was knocked out.

Talk to us about preparing your small or medium sized business for disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of another event.  We can work with any budget to ensure that you have the ability to function as an organization.

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