Cost-Effective Data Recovery Support from CRA


There are some critical questions small and medium businesses and entities need to ask in order to effectively sustain their business growth. Cost-effective data recovery support is an essential component that you should consider.

  • How much time can you afford to lose in today’s fast-moving business environment in the event of damage to crucial data, or resolving a crashed server?
  • Can you waste an entire day, or maybe even a few hours on downtime?
  • What methods have you adopted to upgrade and restore data?
  • How would you restore large amounts of information?

Today, businesses across the world thrive on well-managed IT support and backup solutions. These systems help enterprises implement a solid mechanism whereby any damage to crucial company information is adequately safeguarded, or can be recovered as and when required.

CRA – Leaders in Data Support

Computer Resources of America (CRA), the most-trusted name in IT support solutions, has been delivering cutting-edge mechanisms in data recovery and support to enterprises across New York and around the world. If you want your business to grow, and keep it running without the loss of valuable time, then a structured backup and recovery mechanism should be in place. At CRA, we help you to upgrade to a comprehensive and centrally managed unified back up and disaster recovery system that works across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

However, before we assign a data recovery structure, we ensure that we understand your business and its requirements and suggest the most effective programs accordingly. Our critical estimations are weaved into your cost parameters at a flat rate.

Our Breadth of Backup and Recovery Solutions

At CRA, we will help you determine what is critical for your business to effectively counter and prepare you against threats or damages. Depending on the size of your company, and your core business strategies, we will develop custom backup and recovery solutions that will be your biggest protections against spyware, virus attacks, and a server crash or in the event of natural disasters.

The benefits of implementing our customized solutions in recovery support are as follows:

  • Backup and disaster recovery for individual laptops, desktops and servers
  • Solutions designed to meet the requirements of small to medium businesses, with no or limited assistance from IT personnel
  • Swift and easy backup that helps recover entire systems or individual files instantly
  • Advanced recovery options also includes duplication and cloud computing
  • End to end application support as well as hardware solutions that creates a robust and flexible array of recovery options
  • Hardware recovery assistance, from an image to a bare metal in minutes, including for dissimilar hardware
  • Highly efficient cloud storage and protection from large disasters like floods or storms by storing a copy of your backup in cloud storage

CRA’s Value Additions in Data Recovery

CRA has aligned with several hardware vendors as well as software leaders to come up with solutions in data recovery that work perfectly for an enterprise. That is why we offer cutting edge value additions like use of Dell AppAssure and VMware SRM with Drobo, to help you recover rapidly from any damage and store or replicate information that is vital to your business. These systems are especially helpful for small businesses where budgetary limitations are a concern as they help lower costs.







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