Growing Law Firm Operations With eDiscovery Law

You might know it as eDiscovery law – electronic information exchange between parties in investigations and lawsuits. Today, almost all discovery is eDiscovery. And attorneys and law firms who haven’t handled a massive amount of information in their past increasingly need digital shreds of evidence at hand.

The right tech and discovery process can make huge differences for both legal professionals and firms. This article will walk you through what exactly eDiscovery law is, how law firms can use it, and much more.

What Is eDiscovery Law?

Also known as electronic discovery, eDiscovery is an electronic aspect of collecting, producing, and identifying “Electronically Stored Information (ESI)” regarding an investigation or lawsuit.

It includes a wide variety of things such as emails, presentations, voicemails, documents, databases, social media, websites, and video and audio files.

What Are The Benefits Of eDiscovery?

Professional eDiscovery software tools can help attorneys and law firms work better and more efficiently. It helps manage time wisely and can be extremely useful when you’ve piles of data to look through to create crucial productions in little time.

Here are a few benefits that law firms with eDiscovery practices enjoy:

1. Lower Costs

While there’s much more to eDiscovery software than lower costs, departments and firms should understand how much effort and time they might save using eDiscovery tools.

Don’t believe us, believe the stat:

According to Thomas Reuters, typical lawyers take about 51-minute to sift through key documents during a litigation process; on the contrary, eDiscovery solutions can drastically slash that time to just 15-16 minutes.

The time you save can be used on more high-value tasks that allow law firms and attorneys to deliver the best value to their patrons.

2. Increases Efficiency

Law firms can save plenty of energy and time by shifting to e-discovery software tools. These software tools make it easy to edit/redact documents as well as scale massive document reviews.

You can smoothly tag and edit files with the necessary information. In addition, you can generate documents with proper endorsement, Bates number, and privilege logs.

eDiscovery also improves the process of sifting through multiple files and data. Using computers for e-discovery removes the need for written indices, stacked boxes, highlighters, and other conventional discovery activities.

3. Minimizes Common Errors

Using eDiscovery software tools can help law firms and attorneys reduce errors significantly. Humans are prone to errors, especially when creating and managing lengthy document production. However, with the help of computers, you can verify data and ensure all information is accurate. When using eDiscovery solutions, computers will operate as an extra set of eyes. This will help make sure all documents and files are created with appropriate endorsements, load files, and Bates numbers.

Now that you know how beneficial electronic discovery law and practice are for firms, let’s delve into knowing how it can be utilized.

How Can eDiscovery Be Used By Law Firms?

In complex lawsuits or investigations, reviewing documents could be extremely time-consuming. With electronic discovery tools, you can execute your work better and more efficiently. With effective discovery software tools and discovery processes, law firms can master digital evidence and turn it from a potential burden to an advantage.

Here’s how law firms should use eDiscovery:

  • Identification: Search for custodians or sources of ESI (or electronically stored information)
  • Collection And Preservation: Gather and make sure ESI is preserved appropriately, in the native format
  • Review, Processing, And Analysis: Prep ESI for assessment, review it so you can find pertinent documents and files, and examine it for context and content related to a case
  • Production: Provide ESI for other people in the usable format
  • Presentation: Submit ESI at depositions, hearings, or anywhere you may require it

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