Our 3 Favorite Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

favorite fundraising platforms

favorite fundraising platforms

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Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits to Explore

We do everything on our phones these days, including charitable giving. That’s why nonprofits need to get to know the various fundraising platforms and select those that best fit their target demographics. People give differently—make sure you ask differently.


Safer than a mason jar, and less frustrating than a point-of-sale add on (for everyone!) DipJar has taken fundraising platforms to new heights—thinking about things many platforms have forgotten. This tech is a twist on the typical ask. The “jar” is a sturdy, branded device. It has a set donation amount. Just dip a credit or debit card.

But, it’s not just kitsch! This type of fundraising is attractive to not just those who might donate but also to coffee shops, breweries and other businesses. They don’t have to add anything to their POS system or spend time explaining. It’s self-explanatory, secure and quick. No backlogs. And it works. Natick High School raised $800 an hour vs. their usual $600 an hour. And with DipCast, screens of all sorts project progress in real time. DipJar works for nearly all demographics. The only one they’re missing is the person on line in front of you at the grocery store writing a check.


Narrative is important. People want to know the story of everything from the food on their plate to the nonprofit they’re giving to. Fundly focuses on the story behind crowdfunding efforts with easy to make and share video and slideshows.

In addition to being visually stunning, the UI and UX are fantastic. Facebook sharing is automatic based on user preference, they’ve got tools to help with sharing and updating at every step of your campaign and they are mobile-friendly.


The folks at Givolio have a new take on fundraising: the giving portfolio. The Givolio app is searchable. Users discover their favorite nonprofit, or new favorites, and place them in their portfolio. When a user has extra money or is interested in donating they go through their portfolio and give. With a micro-bonus philosophy people are more likely to give “just because” and fundraising happens outside of events.

We particularly like the organization of Givolio—search nonprofits by location or even keyword in addition to name—and the tipping option. Users cover the fees so that the donation is sent completely to the nonprofit, rather than losing part to administrative costs. Considering their low fees, this is a great option. Finally, Givolio compiles and prints tax info. Nice and easy!

Make Fundraising Easier

No matter which fundraising platform is right for your nonprofit, the ease of tech yields more dollars toward the cause. Nonprofits don’t have to cringe at people running away when they see the dreaded iPad. Between the length of time and the need to stand around reciting tons of private information, iPads are archaic when it comes to fundraising.

Quick devices, Internet- and app-based fundraising is definitely the wave of the future. These require fewer volunteers, eliminate paperwork, and can even be fun.   

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