How Technology Can Enable Better Legal Risk Management

Legal Risk Management

As General Counsels, you're asked to provide dependable and credible legal risk management solutions. This includes evaluations of legal opportunities and risks facing organizations.

However, it can be quite hard to gather a reliable overview of an organization's legal risks. This is because data is mainly hidden on different emails and hard drives.

The legal management of workflows is usually ill-managed, and on top of that, they're manual. Not to mention, it takes a while to get up-to-date overviews of the current claims and contract agreements. The truth is, inefficiency plagues businesses and organizations; however, technology can enable better legal risk management!

Read on to know all about legal risk management and how risk management technologies can help!

What's Legal Risk Management?

Effectual "legal risk management (LRM)" includes creating suitable strategies to manage legal opportunities and risks proactively. In the contemporary world, it's one of the most vital components of running a business.

The main objective of "legal risk management" is to help businesses avoid operational risks from becoming liabilities. It's also used to analyze, identify, and control legal risks impacting a specific organization.

Legal risk can potentially affect all sections of a business and concern all shareholders, employees, and stakeholders in a business or organization.

Importance Of Legal Risk Management

The importance of legal risk management is immense for all kinds of businesses. That's because it can eliminate any uncertainty related to the commercial (business) operations of the entity, preventing future legal liability.

Therefore, a productive "legal risk management" program will help businesses from incurring additional costs connected with financial risks.   

Here are a few advantages:

  • Identify legal opportunities and threats
  • Spread legal knowledge
  • Implement risk controls
  • Provide preventive measures to ensure smooth and risk-free business operations

Risk Management Planning

Technology is ever-evolving; hence, your legal risk management plan should also keep up. Businesses can foresee and mitigate any uncertainty and potential risk with the right tools and techs. Nevertheless, here are three ways risk management technology can enhance efficiency and assist you in implementing an integrated way of gathering legal information to track, report, and identify gaps:

Accurate And Quick Data Collection

Consistent, relevant data gathering is vital to legal risk-management success. Apart from helping you determine a specific legal risk, data can be used proactively to manage potential risks and make sure you're ready in case of litigation.

One easy way to have clear, pertinent data is by consolidating it in a secure legal online repository meant to control particular legal matters.

In terms of data, an in-house counsel must understand:

  • What data (emails, documents, etc.) do the organization and employees have
  • Where information is stored, located, managed, and shared, including worker's mobile   devices, hard drives, text messages, cloud services, audit records, and HR documents

Increase Cooperation To Control And Identify Risk

Collaboration is the key to an effective legal risk-management plan. Wondering why involve different stakeholders, employees, and departments in risk management?

The reasons include:

  • To assist you in getting an extensive view of threats across the company
  • To empower employees to manage and control them

With centralized repositories, you can quickly view every entity and associated subsidiary and produce organizational charts. Therefore, risk-management technology can empower employees to be self-sufficient in controlling legal risks and opportunities so you can undertake a managerial approach.

Proactive Risk Monitoring And Reporting

You must see risk overviews related to all legal matters. When all your legal data is integrated and in one place, chances are you can easily stay on top of all obligations with reports and alerts. This means you won't miss another deadline or notice period. With smart repositories, you can swiftly report and review business goals and show risk management's financial and strategic effect.

Technology can assist in-house legal counsels in increasing risk-management proactivity and efficiency. By applying a structured and systematic legal risk-management plan, you can promote pro-active management of day-to-day business operations aiming to protect the business or organization while enhancing the chance of attaining business objectives.

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