Everything You Need to Know About Law Firm Data Security

Law Firm Data Security

For any law firm, data security should be of the utmost importance. According to a 2019 survey, 26 percent of law firms stated that they experienced data breaches of some form or another. This is why lawyers, who often have access to sensitive client information, must use the latest cybersecurity technologies to prevent data breaches from happening.

Learn about why law firms have a higher risk of being breached, and discover cybersecurity best practices that all lawyers should know about.

Cyber Threats to Law Firms

Law firms do not want to be known for having frequent security breaches, as clients can suffer incredibly if information related to their case is leaked.

Cyber threats to law firms, in particular, are from cybercriminals and hackers who want to access the firm’s valuable information. They may have information about intellectual property, trade secrets, personally identifiable information, confidential data about clients, and details about mergers and acquisitions.

Even with the risk involved, a law firm is obligated to ensure their clients’ data is protected at all times.

Law Firm Cybersecurity Best Practices 

There are several ways law firms can ensure that their data remains secure, such as:

1. Strengthen Your Passwords

Always opt for complex passwords that register as strong. The longer they are, the better. Also, it is essential to change your password every few months. A password management tool can help safeguard your passwords and manage them easily, rather than memorizing them or noting them down somewhere.

2. Restricted Access To Databases

One of the most significant cybersecurity tips attorneys should follow is making some databases restricted and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Remember, the more spread out data is, the more vulnerable it is. Therefore, thoroughly go through need-to-know guidelines and stick to them.

3. Staff Training

Some employees may not know what phishing emails are or other law firm data security risks. Make sure to train your staff to avoid potential threats to the company’s cybersecurity network. All employees should be trained upon hiring and periodically after.

4. Secure Communication Channels

Data breaches, more often than not, happen through correspondences. One of the most important best practices is to check for any vulnerabilities in your communication channels and then fix them. Some easy fixes involve end-to-end email encryption. Other apps such as Signal can help encrypt messages for safer communication.

5. Two Factor Authentication 

Sometimes, even a strong password is not enough to stop hackers. However, due to two-factor authentication, your account can stay secure.

You put in your password as usual, after which a code is sent to your phone. Hackers will rarely have access to essential devices such as your handheld device, making it a smart way to verify your identity successfully.

Computer Resources of America 

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