New York I.T. Support: Questions You Should Ask


Home health care agencies know that it is simply unacceptable for their home office I.T. infrastructure to be down or inferior. Overall I.T. support, including robust and seamless backup, is critical for this type of business to function properly.

If only there were no power outages, natural disasters and the like. Welcome to the real world.

You might be asking yourself, “I have home health care workers at various locations. How do I know that they are able to transmit data and patient record information without interruption?”

It’s a question faced daily by companies like New York-based Computer Resources of America, an I.T. Support company offering services and tools to help manage businesses more effectively, grow with their needs, and protect organizations.

Computer Resources of America utilizes an approach that extends far beyond typical cloud-based solutions for reliability and uptime.

What are the I.T. issues faced by New York home health care agencies?

It’s a critical point, so let’s examine it further.

After Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Northeast, it became painfully apparent to I.T. directors, business owners and especially critical medical and health-based providers with remote workers in the field, that uptime is critical. When it comes to remote-based healthcare, there are no excuses.

Computer Resources of America often provides solutions where additional support outside of a network is needed. In other situations, the company tailors its support services regardless of the size or scope of the organization.

Sometimes the company is called upon to provide remote support for a smaller organization, which typically can consist of 15-20 people out in the field. These New York I.T. support services often include backup solutions with options for recovery, the replication of in-house systems offsite or at another location, and a myriad of site recovery solutions.

Dell AppAssure, for example, is a back-up solution that is in popular use at Computer Resources of America. It’s a series of backup solutions that have a proven track record with real world situations for over eight years.

Computer Resources of America points out that Dell AppAssure has been especially effective due to the following:

Recovery – in 15 minutes or less recover any system, of any size

Eliminate Backup Windows – fast backup, replication & recovery

Simple Data Protection – virtual, physical & cloud environments

Deduplication – eliminates redundant data & encrypts it

Scalable Architecture – protect large amounts of data

With solutions like Dell AppAssure, Computer Resources of America implements site recovery solutions quickly, while offering help desk support throughout times of critical need. They also redesign a company’s I.T. infrastructure, replicate it virtually, and use their many years of extensive experience to implement an effective disaster recovery plan.

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