5 Reasons Why Real Estate Firms Should Outsource IT Services

Real estate firms should use managed IT

Managed IT is a benefit for public and private employers. Real estate firms, especially, should consider outsourcing their IT. Here’s why.

Why Real Estate Firms Should Outsource IT

  1. Save money on staffing. Real estate firms are generally small and focused on the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties. With most agents using personal devices and relying on email, IT needs are not constant. Managed IT allows for paying for only what the firm needs rather than for dedicated IT professionals.
  2. Have skilled professionals at the ready. It can be tempting to rely on a staff member to handle IT complaints but does this person know about network security, password management and the risks that come with storing data online? While you don’t need a full time IT department, you do need to know the people working on your system know what they’re doing.
  3. Eliminate downtime. Having no IT support or someone who handles tech issues as a secondary or tertiary responsibility results in expensive downtime. Real estate firms who outsource IT experience little to no downtime.
  4. Be up to date without ever thinking about it. If they want to compete, managed IT providers must be on top of everything. Whether it’s knowing which security risks have popped up and how to combat or prevent them or the latest in security standards, providers are competitive and leaps and bounds beyond in house IT staff.
  5. 24/7 support. When a firm moves to outsource IT, an oft-overlooked benefit is that most of these companies have staff around the globe which means 24/7 monitoring and assistance. When there is a need for downtown, it can be done at a low-traffic time to avoid disruptions to operations.

Outsource IT Through CRA

Computer Resources of America understands the importance of seamless IT integration. We have the knowledge and resources to provide the epitome in informational technology. Our managed IT services save your real estate firm time, money and hassle. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.

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