Advanced Patient Check-in Systems For Seamless Registration

Patient Check In Systems

Implemented due to the pandemic and social distancing policies, advanced patient check-in systems have transformed the healthcare industry forever. Now, ensuring contactless registration is integral in protecting the health and safety of healthcare staff and patients.

Learn how you can improve your IT infrastructure to ensure contactless or minimum contact registrations.

The Rise of Digital Patient Check-in Systems

The pandemic has compelled public and private institutions to introduce new ways to achieve results while ensuring minimal contact where possible.

While the healthcare industry has already been tech-driven, telehealth services have provided patients with long-distance care and education, among various other services.

With health tech in full throttle, hospitals and clinics can ensure optimum care promptly while maintaining maximum distance.

Here are some ways healthcare facilities have used technology to their advantage:

  • Patients can reach out to highly trained professionals at any time and place
  • COVID-19 patients can be actively monitored by professionals while recuperating at home
  • Patients can be treated at health institutions in proximity due to telehealth software providing access to the required protocols for treating various conditions
  • ICU beds are kept vacant for those most in need

The pandemic has led to some unprecedented shifts, and the definition of what is normal has been considerably altered.

Therefore, patient check-in systems like a patient check-in tablet are integral to combat the spread.

The Digital Patient Check-In Process

The CDC has dictated various SOPs to be followed by healthcare facilities providing inpatient and outpatient services.

To ensure a safe environment, masks, availability of sanitizers, and social distancing are mandatory.

Digital patient check-in systems provide solutions to curb this, and here is how:

  • Appointment confirmations made easy: With digital healthcare check-in systems, appointment reminders are automatically generated by text message, email, or a phone call, and require a confirmation, which helps control the number of patients coming in.
  • Ensuring eligibility: All necessary checks are made by the system, ensuring that patients can manage payments.
  • Waiting outside: Patients can wait in their vehicles until they are called and told to enter the building, which helps ensure social distancing protocols.
  • Limitation to shared surfaces: With maximum distance between patients, exposure to shared surfaces decreases tremendously.

To introduce this system to your health care facility, you need to pick the right software and devices that pair well with your current IT infrastructure. A patient check-in tablet has shown much promise because of its mobility and ease of use. Now patients can seamlessly check in and leave without filling out lengthy forms.

There are a variety of softwares to choose from, including options from companies like Eclipse, Compulink Healthcare Solutions, Experity, AestheticsPro, and Greenway Health Prime Suite. And with the right tech experts by your side, any of this highly efficient software can be added to your current system with ease.

What Does this Mean for the Future? 

Digital patient check-in systems may become permanent even after the pandemic, as people are becoming very comfortable using it.

Technology has made it possible to leap from our old, time-consuming practices to newer, better alternatives. This one-time investment can lead to a positive ROI due to:

  • No longer needing paper-based records
  • No need to require staff members to handle check-ins
  • No need to employ anyone to update medical records

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